Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Kacang Move (Kajang by-election 2014)

While some of you guys think it's smart to reveal your intention as a politician, think again.

Politics is like Texas Hold 'Em. You will not show your cards to your opponents, even if you won in the end by bluffing. I think it's not even allowed, if you are a professional poker player. So today we just received a stupid apology by the fat, "jambu", Barney-Stinson-wannabe Rafizi Ramli who boasted to be the proponent of "The Kajang Move".

I just had to read it and obviously, I concur, it was a typical shit-hole Anwarinas' attempt to convince PR supporters of the necessary evil move to vacate the Kajang seat in order to pave way for Anwar to step up en-route to Putrajaya. And of course some if not many are thoroughly convinced by this so-called plan together with the UMNO revolt story (which is more theoretical than reality). They would not mind the RM250Million that was about to be spent for this by-election while at the same time crying over the recent price hikes. Sheep, pawns, they have their right to state their opinion.

I am no God but this is what going to happen. I will not rub salt into the wound later by saying "I told you so" but what I have predicted before came true (re: Zaid Ibrahim losing Hulu Selangor, unexpectedly, to P. Kamalanathan).

1. Anwar will stand by his decision to contest the Kajang by-election, despite the uproar from within and outside of PKR.

2. BN will contest by fielding an MCA candidate. It will be a straigth fight but not really a hard fought battle.

3. Anwar wins Kajang and motion of no confidence will be tabled by one of the ADUNs from PKR, probably by Azmin himself if not his proxy. PAS will abstain from voting instead of voting for or against.

4. Motion to remove Khalid approved and Khalid steps down. Anwar will be fielded as the candidate for Menteri Besar. DAP agrees to his candidacy.

5. Sultan will be displeased by this but he would feel the need to punish PKR and Anwar by waiting at the very last minute to reject Anwar as Menteri Besar. This is also to showcase his power as the Sultan of Selangor.

6. Knowing this, PAS will then drop the bombshell by announcing that they would severe its ties with Pakatan Rakyat to go for "better opportunity" with BN.

7. Another bombshell will be dropped, this time from Khalid Ibrahim himself plus another PKR ADUN who immediately joined UMNO.

8. Selangor falls to BN-PAS coalition. Federal gets stronger as well with BN-PAS.

9. Sultan accepts the Menteri Besar who will come from PAS. Khalid would play a pivotal role as the Economic Advisor, yes, something like what Anwar Ibrahim is right now.

10. Anwar and his Barney the Purple T-Rex Rafizi will lose this massive but exciting political battle.

Some of you would think I am delusional when writing this, I admit I am. But this is actually, at least, what I hope how the story would end. Too much politicking is bad for the Rakyat.

As for Rafizi's letter, while some of you guys think it's smart to reveal your intention as a politician, think again. What if Anwar was only testing the water to see how BN would react to this so that he can make his next move? What if there is an even bigger agenda than what we are all speculating? What if PKR is only trying to cover up an even bigger story within PKR so that this move would cloud it?

I have only one hope for Malaysia. Less politicking but more working together for better nation.

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