Monday, November 16, 2009

Justice for Criminals?

1. Recently there have been some issues regarding cops killing armed-criminals causing a public outcry especially from a certain community.

2. The head of a Gangster group called Dewa was shot dead few days ago.

3. A young criminal was killed in a shootout and later the deceased's sister apparently forced her children to consume weed killer before taking it herself.

4. Today, a 22-year old man hanged himself after he was found guilty of killing his own mother and stuffing her body in a bag, under the sink. The cops are now accused of killing the man instead.

5. A young lad was shot to death after going amuk in a village armed with a chicken knife, just because he was left stranded in a karaoke outlet by his friends.

5. Cops are under pressure for allegedly using the 'shoot-to-kill' method when dealing with armed criminals.

6. I am not a law major but I did watch some American teles and films about how cops over there deal with armed criminals.

7. 'Suicide by cops' is a situation where an armed criminal actually pretends to shoot the cop (pointing the gun/weapon to the cop), and in the end, he is shot to death.

8. For this scenario, the cop will get away for being prosecuted for acting 'above the law'.

9. What if the cops and criminals are caught in a shoot-out rampage? Do you think it's easy to actually shoot someone without having to kill someone?

10. What if the criminals are notorious for raping, armed-robbery, killing, drug-trafficking (and causing more deaths) and they are on top of the Most Wanted List?

11. Should we just be 'nice' to these criminals? Or just kill them off?

12. This is one of the loopholes in the man-made law system.

13. While there is a need to protect the rights of criminals as citizens, we don't want to overeact on how actually they should be treated.

14. Do you think these criminals care about your lives when they are after your money/jewelleries/etc?

15. For me, if the cop shot dead a notorious killer, he should be lauded, not questioned. It is a sad thing losing a family member, but isn't it more sad to see your own flesh and blood roaming the town, killing, raping, extorting money from other people?

16. This is a general opinion. If I were to touch on case to case basis, it would be foolish because I don't even know what really happened.

17. For me, criminals are criminals, if their deaths are necessary to make this country a better place, so be it.

18. Think about the victim's family more and you will see why sometimes it should be that way.

19. Give some credits to the cops. Not all of them are friggin tw*ts.

20. Go to the source of the problem, reduce crimes by introducing stricter punishments.

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