Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ungrateful and wrong

National STPM Top Scorer, Jia Hui had her father wrote to TheStar dated 16 July 2009:

"The prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) was not on its new prestigious university list, dated March 30, 2009. In fact, foreign university applications for the 2009 intake closed before the date on the list.

I explained to its officer that the approved University of Melbourne, which my daughter had rejected earlier, was much easier to enter. My daughter said LSE is famous for actuarial science and is one of the top three universities for social science, ahead of Oxford, Cambridge, and Melbourne.

The officer said that PSD based its selection on overall university ranking, not on specific courses. The officer added that all the 20 students chosen in this round were Chinese and there was no issue of racial quota. As a national top scorer, my daughter lost to 20 students of the same race.

My daughter is disappointed and has lost her confidence. She is confused on what is defined as achievement. As a parent, I am unable to explain to her what is fair and justified. I am also unable to tell her whether our national education system is inferior or if the scholarship award process is faulty?"

Jeg Hui to Jia Hui:

1. I don't think PSD literally said that LSE is not a prestigious university. I think what they meant to say was that LSE is not the best in providing Actuarial education in terms of syllabus cover and potential exemptions offered.

2. Why reject Melbourne Uni? This is a selfish, ungrateful act. People are finding so hard to get scholarships nowadays. Just because you are one of the best students you think can always choose where to go? This is quite arrogant of you. The fact that you said LSE is better than Melbourne is not right at all.

3. As an actuarial student, he/she would go for a university that offers maximum number of exemptions, mostly maximum of 8 for Core Techniques subjects from their degree. Currently, the Actuarial Profession offers:

London School of Economics
Exemption from Core Technical Stage subjects: CT1, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6, CT7, CT8

Oxford (Said)
Exemption from Core Technical Stage subjects: CT1, CT2, CT3, CT7, CT8

Exemption from Core Technical Stage subjects: CT3, CT6

Melbourne University (SURPRISE SURPRISE!)
Exemption from Core Technical Stage subjects: CT1, CT2, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6, CT7, CT8
All 8.

4. I don't think racial issues played the part if that's the father is trying to imply here. Please bring this Malay-hatred-because-PSD-is-Malay attitude somewhere else.

5. Of course your daughter is confused, she didn't even get it right about which university is the best for actuarial studies.

6. My only question is, will you be in Malaysia after you finished your studies? You might say you want to qualify first in the UK/Aussie before coming back that's what most people say, which is fair, but will you actually come back and serve the people of Malaysia? The very people who support you through JPA scholarship?

7. Why LSE? I'm not even promoting Cass anymore because what they do now is ONLINE Lectures which is such a lazy-ass attitude from the lecturers to teach the students. Why not Heriot-Watt? Because it sounds like 'Herot-berot'?. Why not Kent if you still want to go to the UK for the power of pounds?

8. This is more of a personal glory to Jia Hui. I bet she never fails in her life and when this happened, it was hard to see other people 'getting' more than her.

9. I know this entry is so outdated. I wonder where is Jia Hui now? Melbourne or London?

10. For this case, JPA was right to offer Melbourne Uni to Jia Hui over LSE. Nothing against LSE, but if I were the JPA officer, I would do the same.

p/s: you can consider yourself lucky you won't be able to apply for PNB scholarships (Bumiputra only). You might be tempted by the money they are currently offering but you can forget about qualifying under their programme.

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