Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beer-drinking - again

I am very surprised there are large numbers of people in support for Alcoholism.

I am living with the English people and they have a very strong beer-drinking culture and are these Malaysians trying to adopt this kind of 'healthy' culture from England just to look 'cool'?

Almost every Thursday there will be a drinking session (some call it Happy Hour in Malaysia) at about 4 p.m., and I do join them whenever possible.

My drink? Non-alcoholic cider, Coca Cola or Non-alcoholic cocktails.

Do they find me weird for not drinking? Probably not. After I told them I don't drink alcohol.

Do I get their respect? Yes. Because I was being honest and strong-willed when comes to practicing my religion. They even said that it's good I don't take alcohol because it's unhealthy.

These are the same people who have been drinking for thousands of years you see. And yet they concede it's unhealthy!

Okay, other letters in Malaysiakini might suggest the writers are atheists, by suggesting that 'it's up to the individual to decide to drink or not'.

My decision not-to-drink was first based on the teaching of my religion, Islam, and as I grow older, I know alcohol is bad for everyone when consumed as drinks.

I have seen their faces, how some can be quite blunt, volatile, randy and aggressive when they are drunk... and I am supposed to accept the fact that he's drunk that's why he groped my girlfriend when dancing?... Or rape my cousin?

Hell no! They shouldn't drink at the first place. It's like people nowadays (many Malaysians included) are being in-denial about the bad things about alcoholism, simply because they love drinking it. They don't want anyone take their love away from them. Quite obvious innit?

So, what about drugs? Ecstasy, shabu, marijuana (weed as they call it), they are easily available now in the clubs in Malaysia. They make you feel good and they seem 'harmless', so you are saying its up to the individual to decide?

How about a 12-year old kid, being introduced to smoking weed, and he thought it was harmless. You just let him decide? You don't need law-enforcement to ban drugs or alcoholic drinks to people like him?

Self-regulation MY FOOT!

Do you think the banning of cigarettes in convenience stores to under-18 actually works? These people are only interested with maximising profits!

Now, I am not suggesting a full ban on alcohol. Maybe there is a need of a certain law that will have the CCTV cameras picked and viewed randomly to see if the stores are not selling alcohol to Muslims and cigarettes to under 18s. I think that's the best we can do at the moment.

Oh by the way, there is one thing missing with the budget 2010. The increase in tax for demerit goods like alcohol and cigarettes.

In conclusion, I do not smoke, I do not drink because I think its unhealthy and I don't want my children to do those as well. I am not pious, an Ustaz or someone from PAS, but I don't do alcohol because I believe there is Allah, I am a proud Muslim and I fully understand why its bad for everyone.

So stop trying to 'convert' us non-drinkers with your petty human rights to decide what is right or wrong. I do have my right to practice my religion and so does Kartika. Now that is human rights.

Beer-drinking is bad. 'Nuff' said.

Jeg Hui

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Aida Hazlan said...

Well said & bravo! :)