Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kartika's 'controversy'

It's a non-issue. If she has already pleaded guilty over the matter, so under the Malaysian Syariah Law, cane her. Remember that caning and whipping is a different matter.

Doing it in public? Depends though. Does the Syariah Law condone to such punishment to be done in public?

If people are not happy with this law, vote for your preferred representatives, ask them to debate the matter in the Parliament, then if you can get 2/3 vote-majority going against it, then this sort of law can be abolished (the whole lot of Syariah Law for that matter), and only IF the Agong gives the green light.

Why is it being made such a big deal? Even the people who don't know anything about Syariah Law have freely made their comments on the Internet and other media like Malaysiakini Yoursay.

'The whole world is watching'..? Why do we have to care about what the World has to say? The World is not God. I think most people refer The World as the Westerners. Let me remind the Muslims that what you should care is what Allah has to say.

As for the Non-Muslims, why do you care so much? This is Islam. We must learn how to respect other people's religions. And come on, it's just caning! I was caned before for making noises in the primary school. I was even humiliated in front of the whole KYSM for allegedly 'torturing' a boy. But both had made me a better student even though I felt victimised at first.

What if one day Muslims make mockery of your religion? However, Muslims are not allowed to make mockery of other religions. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. So it's forbidden to make fun of other religions.

The caning has not affected the Non-Muslims at all. Kartika pleaded guilty and wants the punishment to be carried out. That's what she wants. I don't know if she's being sincere or not because there was no video recording for me to judge. According to her transcripts, she wants to be caned. So what is the real fuss here? Let her get what she wants.

There is a hadith saying that one Muslim/Muslimah should be caned if found guilty of consuming alcoholic drinks. So, Syariah Law is just following the Quran and hadith when making this law.

Again, if you don't like this Syariah Law, ask your MPs to vote against it. Get 2/3 majority, then throw it away in the bin! Don't go around shouting and 'kepoh'-ing like Mr and Mrs Know-it-All.


The title of this entry should be changed to Kartika's Rights to be a Good Muslimah.

p/s: I remember the story of Natrah, who was forced to go back to her biological Dutch parents and re-convert back to Christianity against her will. Citizens of Malaya in Singapore, Malays, Indians and Chinese, together went on riot against the provocation made by newspaper The Straits Times showing an image of Natrah kneeling to a statue of Mary in Holland.

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halidaf said...

i blame this major fiasco to the media, why do they keep using the word sebat and not rotan?