Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Knowing You Knowing Me


I had the chance to watch this movie after watching its sneak preview on Astro with Nicholas Cage's interview and all. I was pessimistic at first Knowing would be a good movie for the day with Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and others rating it at an average of 40%.

But my oh my don't I like this movie to bits? Come on! It's so good for me I am writing a blog entry for it!

Most people would find sci-fi movies to be stupid and too good to be true. I understand the over-dramatization of some of it although they are based on scientific evidence. I always thought I will make a movie one day and to tell you the truth, Knowing is the kind of movie I am going to make! (if I had the chance and money).

A mix of scientific discoveries with the Abrahamic holy books (Torah, Bible and Koran) has always intrigued me on provoking the minds of the humans. It is a missionary way to promote their religions through films that I am willing to take opportunity from. I also had the chance to watch 'Maut' which was clearly related to Islam and yes, it was a bit disturbing, same goes to Knowing to some extent.

It was so quiet after the movie ended in both cases. I went straight to Musollah after watching 'Maut' and went on 'insaf' mode at least for a few days! As for Knowing, everyone was quiet as if they were planning to go for pilgrimage in the same year, or the Mass for the Christians. Some might scoff of the idea of the 'aliens' are actually the angels with a superior technology that have created us all. Whatever it is, be very sure that I am not worshipping the Knowing religion created by scriptwriters or the original novel author (like Scientology) by telling you all this but it did provoke me in some ways.

What if the end of the world is near? Then all of this is useless. Your life. My life. Their lives. My goal to become an actuary. Anwar's goal to become the Prime Minister. Herald trying their means to provoke the Muslims. The terrorists fighting for the causes in the wrong way. Obama trying to salvage the future of a peaceful world. Your plan to go for futsal tomorrow. Your plan of getting married. Your plan of making a lot of babies...

The list is of course too long. But we are not sure enough when this end of this world will be.

But it will come eventually.

However, it is vital that we are not the people who will end this world. It can start with simply "Knowing you knowing me". I believe to end the war related to religions, power-craze, greed, ethnicity among others should start with knowing people. What are the needs of the people. I truly believe their is always a way to end the war.

Destroying the environment, the animals and the plants are simply because of not sensitive enough to knowing each other. You can't expect the animals, the plants, the microorganisms to know much of you people, but we are given the best gift that is to think what is right and wrong. Even some animals are prepared to evacuate their habitat if you developers relocate them instead of shooting them down.

Stray dogs on the streets are killed everyday. What have they done wrong to you that they deserve capital punishment? Stealing your leftovers? There's no religion that asks men to kill the dogs or any other animals. If there is one hadith saying that, it clearly means the hadith is not true and must be thrown away. There is no such thing as a discrimination against the dogs and pigs in Islam and this is another misunderstanding that Muslims should know.

So, it's all about knowing your/their religion, your/their faith, your/their beliefs. Even if you are so called infidels and atheists as you called yourselves it doesn't mean I have to fight you. However, you also shouldn't comment about whichever religion is not right. When you get to know my religion, and bear in mind that we have been practising it for about a thousand and a half years, you can't just take it away from the world. Let us believe what we want to believe. And then will come mutual respect.

Our main enemies are not the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists or the Communists. People who give hate a chance at all cost, are our common enemies. The terrorists, the blood-lust leaders, all the people who promote war and destruction, they are the real issues here. Not like the things happening in Malaysia, the political turmoil, craze of power that we should champion for.

I wouldn't want to put my body in line for the benefit of the few leaders who are not even sincere and would do the same mistakes in the long run! That would be stupid. The best thing is to play our roles to help bring peace in the world.

The movie Knowing ended with the current world destroyed by solar flare with Caleb and Abby would become Adam and Eve in the new earth thanks to the angel-like aliens which want the humans to 'start-over'.

When there is a nuclear war, 'starting over' would be too late in the real world.

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