Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me against Abortion

1. I am all against abortion.

2. For me abortion opens up opportunities for people to have sex uncontrollably.

3. And have sex before marriage.

4. I am also against sex before marriage. Back door or not.

5. The western society is so free about these two matters.

6. In the name of 'human rights', people are allowed to have sex freely and go for abortion.

7. Abortion should be criminalised, where even in the case for rape, the victim will be encouraged to have the baby with the support of government funding. Naturally, no mother would actually want to disown/kill their child. Only the social pressure/culture made some desperate mothers do so.

8. It is true that some men use these opportunities to have what the society calls a 'One Night Stand'.

9. I urge women not to be that stupid to believe these men, to be very careful. Never ever give your all in the name of love, while in reality, some men just wanna get laid.

10. I believe women can have more control over sex than men. What men should do is marry to avoid hurting women.

11. Marriage is important since everything is now made officially as shared items. This, I believe will allow problems such as cheating, and trying hard to find who is the father of the child or random sex, since a marriage is still being seen as an important aspect in the eye of the society.

12. It is also important in the sense of building a good society.

13.The question of abortion will then should not rise since every married couples would always welcome a child.

14. This is the problem with the society, in the Western countries especially. Lets hope Malaysia will not follow suit, for it will destroy our society.

15. We must have our own way of thinking. Looking to the West is not always necessary. Some maybe useful but not everything is.

16. There must still be some limitations in life. Strict governance and judiciary should curb crimes and promote peaceful society.

17. Today I am sending off Azhari Razak (Asa) back home to Malaysia to reunite with his wife Awanis and their first child Azalia after a week or so of a TM's overseas trip to Poland.

18. I am so overwhelmed by his laughter when going online keeping in touch with his family when he's in our living room in London. I have never seen a friend sooo happy. He even admitted that getting married is the best thing that can ever happen to him.

19. I guess this is the life I crave. Why would I want to settle for random sex and killing an unborn child to stay happy?

20. I will have nightmares thinking what would the all-innocent child do to me in the afterlife for not letting him have a life he deserves.

21. These thoughts bring me nearer to God.

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