Saturday, October 11, 2008

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

1. The fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia better known as Pak Lah will not contest in the UMNO national election paving ways to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to fight for UMNO presidency.

2. What a shame, if Pak Lah had implemented all his promises, Malaysia would not be as shambles like this.

3. There would be no uprising, no rooms for opportunists and segregation of the Malays.

4. I still think Pak Lah is a nice guy, who is trying to change Malaysia from a tyranny regime, implemented by Che Det.

5. His diplomatic ways are seen to be too diplomatic, and he was branded as "lembik".

6. It was quite sudden for Malaysians to absorb, as the previous Prime Minister posed firm and active leadership.

7. Most importantly, Pak Lah's idea to exterminate corruptions was hampered by nepotism among his family, his son and son-in-law most notoriously and these were made informed to the public via the uprising of bloggers, liars or not.

8. Pak Lah's ideas were very good but the messages were not clear. For example, Islam Hadhari failed to charm the Malaysian populace, Muslims or non-Muslims.

9. The non-muslims were afraid, if Malaysia was to be transformed into an Islamic country where Hudud could be implemented.

10. The Muslims do not like the idea of a new Islam where Islam should forever be Islam.

11. They were both wrong regarding Islam Hadhari, but again, the problem is sending the right message to the people. The people was ill-informed through perceptions and alternative media, that support Opposition parties.

12. Pak Lah's downfall is quite a sad story. He could have been the best Prime Minister ever, by changing Malaysia, improving progressively on many areas, especially regarding ethics. He had the greatest mandate ever to be achieved by any other Prime Ministers in 2004 election, and he blew it.

13. His first giant hurdle was to get the backing from his MPs and Ministers, who, in many, were Mahathirised. My assumption is that he didn't get the support from all the MPs.

14. His inaction had brought questions whether changes will be made... until the people felt fed-up of waiting.

15. The dodgy actions of Khairy and Kamaluddin, had brought bad perceptions from the people. And Malaysian people tend to believe bloggers like Raja Petra because, the government did not convey the people of their side of the story. The biggest mistake ever that BN will regret for many years.

16. When Scomi suddenly became so powerful, bad perception was immediately made.

17. Same goes to Khairy with his money making companies like ECM Libra. And being over-ambitious and impatient. Again, people found it hard to accept. People see Khairy as Pak Lah's son-in-law rather than himself.

18. Promises to eradicate corruption and mis-use of power, were then being put into question.

19. And people find it, enough is enough. 2008 General Election result says it all, evidently.

20. For me, Pak Lah is again.. a nice guy. But his inability to address the people well, and control his family members, prove himself as an author of his own demise.

21. However, let me remind you, his ideas could still be our inspiration to make Malaysia a better nation.

22. When was the last time we could have Live Debate on national TV? Or have freedom of press. Blogs? Ministers are able to question Pak Lah regarding the case of conversion. Is it worse or better now compared to Mahathir's time?

23. Democratically, we are better. We are all hoping the dust will settle. The current economic crisis should not allow for prima donas. We want immediate actions!

24. Pak Lah, what a waste that you blew it. But I will learn from your story... to be a better person.

25. Lets hope your promises be materialised. For a better Malaysia.

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