Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jeg backs Arsenal boo-boys

That was utterly one of the most annoying Arsenal display I've ever seen apart from that game at Stamford Bridge last year when Arsenal was leading 1-0 through unlikely scorer Bakary Sagna.

For shit sake, we had two minutes to go, why couldn't we just defend? It's all about the result you goddamn pikeys thinking 4-4 should be a more stylish scoreboard for a derby game.

I couldn't believe myself I even laughed seeing Modric's delicious shot bounced off the post allowing that midget shit Lennon to tap into the net, with Al-moo-I'm-a-cow-nia hapless!

I don't care if the 4th official gave a four-minute extra time. What you could do is just waste the time lah! Didn't TH14 taught you inexperienced twats to play the ball at the corner flag? I know Bakary wanted to do that at 89th minute but Cesc, the Tit for the night arrogantly shunned that idea.

It's all about the result ye nicompoops, potentially 5-year trophyless season grabbers. Maybe Arsene should give these boys some hairdryer treatment or consider leaving the post and give it to result-driven Jose Mourinho!

When will all these shits learn? It's all about the points!

The fans have got the right to boo these shit holes' attitude. I am totally fuming over this result. With the rest of the big four winning their games, Arsenal look CERTAIN for another barren season. (yes I'm optimistic of this statement as I am ALWAYS right).

When this happens, just go, Cesc, Gallas even Luke Freeman can go to Dag and Red rather than staying to see fellow teammates squander another glorious chance for 3 points.

Maybe I can just start watching Malaysian League and support Khairy's My Team in protest for crying out loud!

Liverpool to finally win the title. Arsenal can eat my shorts.

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Jeg said...

read the blog title you know I already admitted long time ago I am emo.

necessary emo.