Monday, January 28, 2008

Je ne suis pas marie

If my maths was still at its peak, I calculated around 13 of my friends who will be getting married this year! That's quite a large number considering how young we still are and that figure only counts for friends from KMYS and KYS only. I am set to miss almost all of them depending on when will I actually return to sayang-sayang Malaysia.

Last weekend if I'm not mistaken was my friend Mona Zarita's wedding. Congrats Mon! You will have the President's and my blessings. It seems like yesterday we were close friends back in KMYS and now you are married! Next year you will have your first child insya-Allah. She told me of the date when I was back home for the summer last year and I guess time went by so quickly!

Another good friend of mine Farid Izmeer is also getting married in February. I am not sure about the date but his funny email invitation was actually expected. I am so very sorry that I couldn't be there bro but I am sure the wedding will go just fine for you. Post-marriage I hope we can still joke around and play some football as you will be hers and she will be yours in just a few weeks away. I also heard that former Razakians and dormmates Hazman Hilmi (with long-time partner Petty Diana Rahim) and Fahmy Zakaria tied the knot quite recently.

Yana from UiTM also got the green light with someone who has the same namesake Azrul.

Next will be Pakyat (with former classmate Hazrina Azalan) and then Shahida Mansor and then Najib Mohamed and then Hana Radzi (Adik) and then (maybe) Nadia Hanna and then Irfan Hashim and then Haniz Nazlan (with Ariefah) and then if according to plan, the astronaut guy!

There could be more but I dare not say here as nothing is confirmed just yet (hehe you know I am refering this to you two :))

It's a mixed feelings for me actually. Sad, happy, shocked, confused.

Sad because I couldnt attend those weddings. Sad because it is sort of like a farewell to them as they will head for a new chapter in their lives being married.

Happy for them of course as tying the knot is something very special to them.

Shocked because some weddings came out of nowhere especially of Mat Pah's.

Confused because it sorta influenced me in a way to decide on certain things. And you know how sometimes I can be easily influenced.

After marriage, the babies will come. Congratulations to my brother Mohd Azua whose wife recently gave birth to a healthy 2.95kgs baby boy named Mohd Amsyar. Welcome to the world, Boy Jr. Pak Teh will shower you with gifts, love and happiness when I get back.

Lots of kisses too!

I'm still waiting for Amsyar's pics and I can't wait to see the combination of Kak Nani and Abang Boy it's very intriguing really. Will he have the fair Apek skin of his dad? And the cute dimple of his mom? Guess I have to wait to find out.

I missed the day your wedding was solemnised and I missed the day Amsyar was born.

What else will I miss next?

Sacrifices can be painful sometimes.

I am planning to visit Azlan's and Shuhada's newborn baby cutey Batrisyia on the 26th of March. I hope to meet other Irish students like Rye, Celop and wife, Jazree, Aien and others. Lets hope that the courseworks and tests will be done by that time.

Ah well. Time for my long awaited how food becomes poop thoughts and what the hell is that smell???


Nurshuhada Zainon said...

da orange sikat is waiting for its owner ;)

hanafedora said...

hey i like this entry..sacrificing can be painful kann....

hanafedora said...

i like this entry..sacrificing can be painful kann..

tiger60 said...

Assalamualaikum Azrul,
Jangan lupa saudara-mara kat Taiping,Kuala Lumpur dan merata-rata tempat tu,majlis kahwin banyak sungguh nak tunjuk muka.Masa tulah nak kenal-kenal saudara-mara.

tiger60 said...

Assalamualaikum Azrul,
Hang jangan lupa sodara-mara kita kat teping,kl dan lain-lain tempat.Sampai tak larat nak pi.Kalu tak pi,bila nak kenal sodara-mara.
Salam dari Abang Zul-KL