Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lets Talk About Football Again

I know I know it's been a record low for this blog. I kept writing and stopping at the beginning of each blog entry and saying "damn, I'm so lazy even to write anything! I will be damned if I still have to write up another dissertation this year! (hopefully to be given the choice to take electives instead).

The 5-a-side league has just started last week on Friday. Yeah yeah I said it before that it would not be 'fun' if football is to be mingled with dirty politics. However, after consulting with some friends, I decided to just play and have fun at a discount as they suggested. Anyone wants to join our team? We need a goalkeeper (as usual).

I seriously need to find my scoring touch again. After bagging 5 goals with the Westminster people in a football outing debut in Regents Park, call me Benjani but I have not scored since, plus some missed chances in front of goals. I was so disappointed with myself and again, like Benjani, would love to see the goals coming again to boost some confidence level atleast.

Since when I was this Pompey fan? Now lets talk about Theo.

"Theo... Theo.. Theo.."

He was signed by Arsenal about two years ago with a promise to bring English football to another level as you know their current level is FOC when they failed to qualify for the Euro (grin). I was pretty excited myself that we signed him under the noses of Chelsea and Liverpool (or maybe Man Utd) for this bright young prospect.

Now, I think he is not up to the standard that we all hoped. Even Wenger thought so recently. However, I knew it since I first saw him play.

It is sad that for a professional footballer,

1. He can't dribble or he is too afraid to dribble past the defenders.
2. He is quick but doesn't use it well enough.
3. He doesn't make intelligent runs for someone who wants to be a striker.
4. He is light-weighted (of course heavier than me but I'm no professional, si?)
5. He is unable to handle pressure. He gets intimidated too quickly.

Some friends of mine argued that he should be given more time. I beg to differ because he was given chances and failed to make an impact this season. Remember Rooney? He was 17 and that goal with his curling shot that rounded Jens Lehmaan earned him a mega-deal with Man Utd and has been playing like a 'veteran' now!

Aaron Lennon, who plays at at right flank where Walcott occasionally play nowadays will not beat Theo in a 100m sprint. But he sure is fast and with his dribbling skills and courage to dribble past defenders made him a powerful asset to our arch-rival Tottenham. I first saw him play in an England Under-21 game when I saw how a bright talent he was terrorising the oppositions on the flanks.

He is still playing brightly at the moment.

So why Walcott didn't make it like we expected him to be? Well the answer is quite simple.

Theo was never a great great player. He is overrated. Just because he can beat Titi with his pace doen't mean he can frighten the EPL giant defenders such as Laursen and Ferdinand. Not even Bramble I think. He needs to improve his game at many levels or risk joining a smaller club to be a Michael Chopra or James Beattie.

Well, hopefully what I said earlier in this entry is wrong.

Just like what I wrote about how Arsenal will falter this year without Titi.

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