Friday, December 22, 2006

Some good news

Last night, I was watching a movie and before I dozed off, I managed to write an email to the exemptions officer about my application status. Preferably the three CT courses CT1, 3 and 7. Yang lagi dua tu tak urgent. I thought it was a gamble since I was damn sure they would reply something like "due to our strict policies, we are not allowed to inform about the result of the application before the official one being released..." Bla bla bla.

However, this morning (12p.m. is still considered as morning ke? since that is like the time aku baru bangun) I opened my email and saw and email from the IOA. So I was like.. here we go.. the policies (rings a bell?)... yada yada.

But voila! Tgk2 depa dok reply apa yg kupinta.. dapatlah exempted CT3 and CT7. Two out of three. Alhamdulliah. Two is better than none ye tak? CT1 kena balun study ah makcik. Bayaq premium makcik kami cover semua rumah makcik...! (lawak dak2 PNB)

CT1 nasib baik fun. Ada lah progress sket. 3 past years. Tp coursework cam tak mantap sgt ah. Tak cam CT3, 7. Sokay. Exam kena balun cukup2 sampai pueh hati.

So skang bleh lah lepak kejap. Enjoy Turkey. Niat di hati nak cari kepanasan sket. London sojuk woii!! Tp Puan Rahiyah ckp 1980s ada snow. La ni jgn harap ah kot. Tp fog ada ah.

Aku ngntuk actually skang. Muka dah sememeh dah. Hmm, dodgy (gaya hmm, Shaggy). Jumpa lagi. Oh wait, here are some pics from PNB UK. But later cam camera Smq abis bateri. Camera aku lagi ah, tak leh snap pics terus. Here u go:

One of the proofs that I'm not gonna betray PNB. (Hmm.. dodgy!)

I wonder why I always hang out with this guy. (Hmm.. shaggy!)

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