Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life without sponsorship

It was since many years ago, 10 to be exact, I was blessed with sponsorship. There was the all-free secondary school KYS under the Yayasan Saad Foundation, later KMYS (KYUEM) and UiTM under PNB. Today, I start to be feeling the heat. I start to realise how the FAMA people coping with finance. I'm under serious pressure, if you like.

Look at that money flowing like cry me a river! RM33,420 gone just like dat. Note that the amount RM3000 was for my mom's PUSPANITA Bangkok Trip. Well, to be fair I'm glad I don't haveta pay RM88,000 for breaching the contract with PNB since they gave me a deferment for a year. But I still feel the high immense of pressure. I cant even think well to write here to be honest.

Went to Wisma MCA to settle my Visa. Not settled yet. Have to come back tomorrow. Haveta admit there were so many young hot executives working in that area. Citibank marketeers maybe. Oh have I mention there was this lady at Maybank Kelana Business Center who's got a body to die for? No, not being a pervert here but I was shocked to see that kinda body ever exist in Malaysia. Malay some more! So thumbs up for the lady. But the face so-so je lah.

She musta been taking care of her health quite well. Lookie me.. skinny and buncit. Ask the guys if you dont believe me....

And I was at the Wisma MCA when I bumped into familiar faces of KYS. They were just married. Thought of stopping for a chat but I dont think we had the time. Coz I said "hi" and "selamat pengantin baru" and voila! We got back to our businesses.

Like I said, I didnt get to settle the VISA. That guy who's at the counter said, "it's advisable o get the correct document (conditional/unconditional offer letter) but I wont stop you if you still want to submit the application".. I was like.. hey dude, if you guys reject my application that would be another RM633.. dah lah aku tgh pening pasai duit nieh.

Today I took a cab from Tmn Bahagia (penat) and had a chat with the driver. A nice Indian guy who told me he's got three sons who completed their studies and doing pretty well now. They were not sponsored, took bank loans, to support their study. One of them is a doctor in Australia. I bet they've been through all this thing with hardship.

Lets just hope the sun will shine!

Quotes: 1. Nak lepak Khamis malam ke Jumaat malam? Mana la tau Jeghui nak baca Yaasin.

2. O.K (Tan Sri jotted down the word on the proposal of deferment)



ope said...

takkan terasa kot orang cakap kau baca yassin hari khamis malam jumaat. haha

Jeg said...

insult wei... dahla lama x baca Yaasin malam Jumaat.. haha