Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Eksekutif... Pelatih"

I received a phone call Friday last week from PNB regarding duty report on the 15th of August 2006. Still trapped in limbo, I was not that enthsiastic to even get the details of what was going to happen that Tuesday. All I could say is "O.K" and that very Tuesday I reached Level 35 Menara PNB 6 minutes late. (8.06 a.m)

Kak Amy (the officer responsible fot the day) arrived a few minutes later. A short brief about the itenary for that day, one which caught my attention was the Gleneagles Trip (Medical Check-up) . I was having a nightmare with a certain high-level of perspiration that morning! Somebody gimme a doctor!

It was a rare situation though. Being a skinny guy, and sweat only comes in the 80th minute of my football game. Then came the time where we had to sign the contract and make our pass-tags. I had a torrid time covering my armpits when the Pakcik took the photo for the tags.

However, I decided not to report to the doctor in Gleneagles because I dont think it was a serious issue. The LRT is packed even in the wee hours of the morning for crying out loud. I also thought I should not follow the lads for the medical checkup since it is not required in the Student VISA application, according to Fit. In addition, it is stated in the contract (in which I havent signed yet) that I had to pay for the expenses including the Training Programme fees (Medical Checkup inclusive) if I were to breach the contract at anytime.

So I made the decision, to go AWOL (Absent Without Permision). MIA (Missing in Action) if you prefer. I went home to renew my passport. I think that's a better thing to do rather than loafing around in the hospital checking out the ladies cey ceyy abis baik lah tu!

Unfortunately, kelam kabut punya pasal, I forgot to inform any of the officers about my absence to renew passport. Abis kena marah. I didn't know what to counter but I admitted my mistakes and will return to office the day after. I planned a showdown with PNB this time bringing along a superior - my dad. Haha.

That will be discussed later.

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