Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hijab & Hudud wont make us more Taliban

I have been trying to understand what is the big fuss a bout covering up after a recent outrage about models needing to follow some dress codes for billboard advertisement. I believe this so called outrage is politically motivated since those tikus politikus still think every single Malaysian adore them. I honestly feel that people grew tired of the political slandering and self-praise but rather the people just want to see the result of good governance and policies.

I personally agree that models should wear decently on billboards. These models are someone's son or daughter or father or mother and the reason they were called models is because they should set an example to our kids. And just to point out, how many of you parents here would like to see your children wearing so revealing? I know I wouldn't for the sake of my unborn children.

The thought of setting out dress codes for models depicting the way of Taliban is somewhat far fetched. Please read what and who are the Talibans. Little did they realise, the sudden attacks on these Talibans, hudud and PAS will create an opportunity for racist, anti-Muslim scum from among our people to attack Islam the religion of peace and justice. Stupid Stats were also given out claiming 1.2 Million people will be jobless, cunningly said because more people will have their hands cut for stealing / bribery.

Islam's answer is simple. Do not steal, do not take bribes. And your hands will still be attached to your body!

I know PAS is only using hudud and the push for an Islamic state for their political gain. I bet they should because many of their supporters are Muslims who believe in the Islamic agenda. For many years PAS has been consistent about hudud until about 3 to 4 years ago when "ulamas" from the "Erdogans" camp site boldly stated that hudud should not be applied when there are still poor people who are forced to steal!

Says who? These Erdogans playing God now? I myself was left disappointed by these Erdogans stand and the leaders of PAS kept mum about it, maybe in a way to please other Pakatan component parties. Or maybe under the directive of the not so great "PM-designated" Anwar Ibrahim, the Tok Wali of the PAS-DAP marriage.

You ever wonder why suddenly people are talking about Hudud in Malaysia? It's all just bloody politics if you ask me. The sudden U-Turn by PAS leaders regarding Hudud is expected (I guess to the dismay of my former college-mate who is active in PAS but cannot do a turn around now). The Malay-Muslim supports are waning because of the Erdogans' lame stand on Hudud and when the leaders realise this, they publicly announce Hudud and Islamic State are still main parts of their agenda. Then, the game is back on. MCA started attacking Hudud and PAS and as you can see, they are on a roll.

But I must say hats off to those in PAS who are strong willed with principles. If people in Malaysia are so scared of hudud, they have to keep asking themselves, do I like to steal, to rape, to rob, to commit adultery, to kill and so on? Why are we supporting the criminals?

For a fact, I have been a fan of this Quranic rule although a former school-mate's wife thought otherwise. She was lucky I did not sue her haha! Living in Riyadh, I do not live in fear but I find it very peaceful because the bad guys are more afraid to commit crimes. If the law is strict, people are more afraid to commit crimes. If you now complain about the escalating number of crime rate, you should not be supporting the criminals now if the government would like to introduce stricter laws.

Of course we have to be realisitic. The word Hudud is a taboo for most Non-Muslims in Malaysia and thats why you will see MCA attacking PAS about it from all angles as we speak. What we should push for is stricter laws to punish the criminals. Few years for statutory rape, two years for the crook Khir Toyo, Indonesians facing the gallows for killing robbers for self defence, robbers only spending overnight at the police station and later released, justice for criminals who were shot by police calling trigger happy, prostitution ring sporadic, drug smuggling will not face death penalty anymore, leaders, public figures and "people with bright future" getting away easily are a few examples why you see people in our country are not afraid of committing crimes.

The problem of Talibans is that they make these rules in a way to show their power, to bring fear to the people as a whole so that their people bow to them like Gods.

For Malaysia, stricter laws should be introduced to bring fear to the CRIMINALS as a whole so that the CRIMINALS bow the good citizens and surrender.

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