Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caning? Big deal!

I remember when I was a lot younger during my high school days. Initially, I was terrified to even think about breaking the school's rules on my first day at Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka. Along the way, which was quite normal for any teenager there was a sense of liberation in me that I wanted to try new things. Thank Allah, the facilities provided by Yayasan Saad was second to none. Thus, I didn't have to break any rules to catter for my desire to be adventurous... until one day.

It was just a mere BBQ Party. I was so sure we had permission to do it. 'Hey, this is KYS... not some average school and I think it's cool we gather people around and eat some grub. Tak kacau orang pun'. I thought.

We were caught 'partying' with some chicks (literally) that night and the week after I was caned. Twice, one more compared to the others. Some of us got more than once because we had a record in which I won't elaborate here as it was such a silly case. (no, not sodomy if that's what you're thinking!). The caning has taught me a very good lesson, and I owe that to our now departed Principal, Mr Ramli Maidin.

I have learned that, after 'trying out new things and being adventurous' throughout, I have created a snob of myself. I was arrogant. I thought as if the world was all mine. The caning was a painful one eventhough how many underwears I wore that night. It has also succeeded in shattering my ego. I was never a God. I couldn't even stop Mr Ramli from whipping my bony ass.

Another BBQ Party, Jeghui? You bet! But with permission. Black and white!

Did I go around telling people I was victimised? Was it just a conspiracy to bring down the school's drummer of the year (as I arrogantly thought)? I was so thin, small and wiry so it was UNFAIR by all means I got the same punishment as the beefy Mat Diyah? Justice for Jeghui???!!

No. No. No. No, it was all justified.

Years later, I read somewhere that teachers are not allowed to cane students anymore. My first thought? What pampered society have we become?

Then came the Kartika's story in which I won't elaborate here. What I know is that, Alhamdulillah she has abstained from taking alcohol and out of repentance, she wants the punishment of caning to be carried out. She looks a lot prettier now, donning the headscarf. I also heard she is going for Umrah.

And yet some people are against the things that she wants. What happened to her freedom to practice her religion?

Okay now, 1,2, or 6 lashes of the rattan? and how is the punishment be carried out? Do you even know?

Well I haven't seen how the caning is done when it comes to Islamic Syariah Law. As far as I know, the caning must not meant to cause bodily injury. Please remember that WHIPPING under the Federal Law and CANING under the Syariah Law is not the same. I have seen a demonstration of whipping under Federal Law for sexual offences, drug possession and BRIBERY during my St. Francis Melaka days. It still gives me the goosebumps everytime I think about it.

"Today, I'm ashamed to be calling myself a Malaysian..." said an Indian guy on Twitter after the news of three Muslim-women adulterers being caned broke out.

I quickly replied by saying, "You should reconsider calling yourself a Malaysian for not even knowing the Malaysian law."

I am no expert but I know that we have the dual system in the Malaysian Legal System, as enshrined in the Constitution of Malaysia (refer Article 121(1A)).

Additionally, Syariah or Islamic law is a matter of state law, except for Federal Territories of Malaysia. However, Syariah Law must adhere the Federal Constitution amended 1984 at all times:

1. Trial and punishment carried out to MUSLIMS ONLY. In other words, Non-Muslims are always exempted. (Boohoo! That's not fair! Justice for Muslims??)
2. Fine of not more than RM5000.
3. Jail term not more than 3 years.
4. Caning of not more than 6 lashes.
5. Combination of item 2,3,4 maximum permissable.

I am still searching for the item 'no caning for women' but to no avail. So, I don't understand what is the fuss all about.

Why are these people justifying adultery? They're concerned for the treatment of women, but this caning is NOTHING compared to the whipping under the Federal's Criminal Law. Are they trying to be hypocrites now when they hate men cheating on them but now they are justifying adultery? Is this how you are being fair to we men? (Note to editors, delete this section if you think it sounds sexist, though it's not to me).

It is because the Syariah Law has to follow the Constitution's guide as above, the punishment for adulterers and drunkards are slashed to a maximum 6 lashes from 20, according to the Sunnah. It could have been even a lot heftier under the Hudud Law PAS is bringing (not that I personally against it).

Six lashes of the rattan, and the whole nation went berserk. What kind of Malaysia do you want? A nation of adulterers and drunkards? Would you like to see your children becoming adulterers, drunkards, sodomites and catamites? I don't know. Maybe you people are the so-called 'Westernised people' and you think it's cool that way.

Hey, I am living in a Western country and I still keep my 'Budaya Kampung' and Islamic values everywhere. I don't have to be like them, they don't expect me to be like them. I dont expect them to be like me. So this kind of culture that you should adopt.

So I do not know what are you guys babbling about. Coming back to caning, I would love to have my children caned by the teachers, as long as it's for the right reason lah.

But of course, first things first, I have to get married in order to 'make' babies.

Adultery is waayyy too risky. Too risky for me, too risky for her.

And you call me insensitive.

Jeg Hui


Nimalan said...

Not to object your views on the caning of women; but was it adultry they were charged for? I was under the impression that adultry meant sex between someone married and another who is not the married partner. I thought the case here was sex between two non-married people. Also, were the guys punished? Hope you can clear up my questions

Jeg said...

they were charged for adultry. I'm not sure for all three but 1 of the women, is married, committed adultery with a man, also married. Thats what reported.

Need to clarify the other two but I'm sure, by default, the punishment is carried out to the man too. Not just the women.

It is now a sensational issue because women were caned. But why is it not an issue if men were caned?

Adultery can be reffered to extramarital sex (married couples) and also fornication (non-married couples).

In Islamic term, 'zina'.

Malay word, persetubuhan luar nikah.

hAmBa said...

Siapa Sisters in Islam yang memperlekehkan hukum dari Allah?

Mula2, poligami.
Sekarang, rotan.

Nanti apa pulak?

Kelakar bila baca ada satu artikel daripada website SIS dimana diorang cakap
"Something must be seriously wrong with local men if the sight of girls in their school uniform turns them on, says Sisters in Islam."

“I totally disagree with the statement. What? Even wearing baju kurung is still not enough?” she asked.

“As for the white blouse being too transparent, Malay women who are in mourning wear white baju kurung. Even Umno women wear white baju kurung. So what is the issue?” she said when contacted Thursday.

kalau dah tak pakai tudung, pastu butang kat dada tak dikancing, pastu pakai bra hitam, tak seksi ke?

bukan nak tunjuk alim, tapi personally aku rasa budak2 sekolah memang saje pakai baju kurung yang jarang n saje tanak kancing butang kat dada atas alasan panas...

you can look one picture thru the website. Do you want your daughter to wear something like that? I don't think so!!!

Jeg said...

what's weirder is there is NO ACTION towards this so called 'leaders of the oppressed women'.

I'm sure even I fair better towards protecting the rights of the Muslims women.

Anonymous said...

Sir, for an 'intellect' you seem to miss the glaring point (or perhaps choose to miss the point, given how adept you are at being a snake in various issues).

Many see this whole caning issue (starting from the beer drinking case) as farcical given the number of muslims who drink in the open. Just do a of tour Jalan P Ramlee on a Sat night.

Jeg said...

Again, please call me Jeg :)

For me, cane those Muslims at Jalan Telawi, Jalan P. Ramlee who drink publicly if they really wanna make Syariah Law works.

Thing is though, KL (and other Federal Territories) will have to refer to Federal Court regarding this issue, and since I quote you, Jalan P. Ramlee is in KL, Syariah Law does not prevail, unfortunately.

May I add that Syariah Law must be just to all. If a VIP or any members of the Royal family were caught for drinking, they have to be punished as well.

So anak Datuk Seri or Tan Sri or Sultan shouldn't be exempted or given chances.

In fact Sultan is the Head of Islam in the states. So I expect their family to show good example to all Muslims in the country.


Jeg said...

Btw, please do not submit to personal attacks or your post will not be published, I have the power to my own blog so I hope you respect that.

And don't be afraid to use your given name.

I'm not an SB :)