Friday, February 26, 2010

Babi Biru Terbang

Warning: this article will get heavier and heavier as it goes along the way. Hardcores, look away now.

Many months back, the nation was rocked by a circulated picture of a tudung-clad Muslim girl holding a piglet. It turned out that she is a Vet and was doing some research for her project. It has caused some stir among the Malaysian Muslims and there were some angry quarters accusing her of ridiculing Islam. Then, there were pictures of a group of Muslimah students holding and caressing dogs and yes, they were also wearing tudung...


As usual, many Malaysians are that easy to be agitated. They are also good at making comments without doing enough research for a particular issue. They say things they do not have knowledge of. Their aim is to gain support of the masses and to be famous because they will be perceived as unique, different and great. Heck, they sometimes don't even know what they are talking about and simply agree and spread the words of some so called great leaders, politicians, ustazs, priests, monks, lawyers, actuaries, syeikhs, Al-this, Al-that etc. (Refer to our recent 'sad' story of Syariah caning as an example).

Well, I don't expect each and everyone of us to know every single thing inside out, but a little research wouldn't hurt at all.

In Islam, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork. However, Muslims are allowed to touch pigs and dogs with no problem whatsoever. I myself am not cynophobic. Walking around Kota London can be quite a challenge for me. It's either you step on a big pile of dog-'shi-oot' or licked by these canines. However of course, as a Muslim, you have to clean using an Islamic method called 'Samak'.

"Nak bela anjing boleh tak? Comel lah!!!" Can Muslims take dogs as pets?

Why not? Guide dogs, guard dogs, hunter dogs, dogs to help sheep shearing, dogs to spend time with, your favourite companion perhaps, you name it. Dogs are useful, beautiful, playful, intelligent creatures. However, don't forget to clean yourself before prayers.

Do pigs and dogs go to heaven? As far as I'm concerned all animals go to heaven. For what reason they shouldn't? It's not up to me however, it's up to God to decide. Will pigs turn blue and fly in the heavens? Again, it's possible, but it's up to God to decide.

I myself would love to turn into Superman Blue and fly in the heavens. (but not turning into a pig at the same of course!)

Okay now comes the heavier part. Do you have to 'samak' if you touched a pig or any part of it?

Pigs, they are dirty animals. The reason why we Muslims are prohibited from eating pigs is simply because it is one of the hardest to cook, to make sure that it's clean and safe to eat. My friend Andrew confirmed that to me the other day when we met at his house in Leyton. But do we have to 'samak' in this case?


Phew, that was hard for me to even write it properly. Growing up following the Syafie Mazhab, I find that hard to swallow myself. It's true that you won't find the instruction in the Quran or the Hadith telling how to deal with this kind of najis.

Okay okay before any of you go berserk (like the caning incident), of course it's not wrong at all for you to 'samak' if you touch the pig. It means you are following the Syafie Mazhab and this Mazhab is not a sect but a guide. Which guide is the best? Hanafi? Hambali? Maliki? Syafie?

Allah knows best.

My Christian brothers and sisters might be puzzled now by how Muslims can even debate about pigs and dogs, gentle little harmless creatures. I don't want to offend but it's a giant myth to say only we Muslims are not allowed to eat pork according to our faith.

It's heavier now, don't tell me I did not warn you, but my Christian friends can check these verses from the Bible. I will not quote the exact verses, you guys should know better.

Leviticus 11:7-8
Evidently, these verses also apply to the Jews. In conclusion, Muslims, Christians and Judaism followers are not allowed to eat pork.
So when people say "Dowan lah masuk Islam, cannot eat pork", that is NOT a fair statement to make.
A fair statement should be (even if they want to be provocative):
"Dowan lah masuk Islam, Christian or Judaism, cannot eat pork!"


soraya said...

interesting... leviticus stated a list of forbidden meats almost similiar to those in the Holy Quraan. Not just the flesh of swine. So can anyone of the Christian faith tell me why they still consume pork when it is clearly stated in their book that it is forbidden to do so?

Anonymous said...

That has been changed under the new covenant in the New Testament. Read Colossians, Corinthians and Acts.

Some will argue that the dietary laws do not apply to gentiles (non-Jew).

Jeg said...

can a set of rules from God be changed?

Did God change his mind regarding dietary laws?

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. The method that you mentioned as 'samak' is actually 'sertu'. Sertu = washing once with water+soil and 6 times with clean water.
Samak = a method to clean any type of animal skins to be made into useful materials i.e wallets, belts, shoes

miss hanni said...

sama lah mcm kes aurat.. pakai tudung.. dalam Quran jelas order to wearing a hijab or tudung. tp klu dah umat muslimat disobey. so what to do??... rebel etc.. guide tuh dah ade.. terpulanglah pada akal n iman memilih n menentukan apa yg kite wajib buat n tak buat. wallahualam

Jeg said...

cool, coz malaysians refer 'samak' as ur described 'sertu' thanks.

miss hanni, kalau nak ikut akal sahaja, tak boleh juga. kena tgk context ayat.

Anonymous said...

You can read more about the 'new covenant' at

To Jews, Torah is final. It's debatable whether Islam and Christianity are 'extensions' or 'changes' to Torah. At the end of the day it's up to you to read all and decide rather than to grow up with one and disagree with the others.

Jeg said...

May I know, the Christians, do they accept Torah (Old Testament) as like the Bible itself?

Because they cannot be contradictory to one another, if both were to be accepted 100%, in my humble opinion.

We Muslims believe in the original Taurat (Torah), Dzabur (Psalms) and Injil (Bible) but we can't agree with the modern version of all three.

But yeah, I do read some verses from the bible and old testament during my spare time. Thanks for reminding.

My name do not make my point said...

You'd claim yrself not as neither a hardcore BN nor PR supporter. But thru and thru yr postings, any layman could easily mistaken this as a BN propoganda site. Or maybe you did not intended to do so, which in that case, would prove that BTN as really done its job creating minds like yours, being bigot/religious fanatic without even realising it.

It's a known risk when one of different faith tries to "debate" on what they think is the right interpration when, with all due respect, you are not fully aware of its implication (of what is faith to the others). I will not repeat yr mistake by trying to tell you what I think "islamic teachings" are, since we kafirs (according to again, Islamic standards) do not share your "Allah".

In Christianity, the coming of Jesus and his teachings basically overwrites those preceding it. And please dont try to be funny and twist it any more complicated than what is was originally. That would be the realm of our faith, and what we believe it. You demand respect for Islam, similarly, we do not question yours. But since you did not bother to find out the contents of the Christians New Testament, and yet nonchalantly here you are writing and talking as if you already knew. This is, as I have mentioned earlier,...rings the all familar "sounds like it, writes like one" of a BN's BTN product.

And lets see if you would approve of my comment, since you have so claimed Zaid Ibrahim blocked your tweet because he does not agree with your view. Maybe you have forgotten this: "Jeg said...
Btw, please do not submit to personal attacks or your post will not be published, I have the power to my own blog so I hope you respect that." Oh, and personal attacks are oh-so subjective.

But do go ahead and approve this. The world should see you for who you are. You proud yrself having grown up in multiracial environment, but sadly your inner concious of you clearly dictates you do not acknowledge they are the same citizens of your country.

The way you attacked PR's local election is so one-sided, its not even funny you do not see yourself as a hardcore Barisan mouthpiece.

Do you really think your non-malay friends buy your stand that you are liberal and all for a fair society? (people could still see you naked, even if you blind-folded yourself, smart) You can't even get yrself to respect the concept of two sides of a coin and continuedly harping (intellectually, konon) on only 1 side a story to justify the others are wrong. If that isn't a typical BN or PR style then I truly do not know what else could you be.

But I'll buy that you are more comfortable with BN anytime.

Jeg said...

Dear Anonymous (who is scared to reveal his father given name). Firstly may I ask, are you Fab? Coz you sound like him.

I though you posted your 'last post'? WELCOME BACK! Lol!

1. I say it againa and again, I'm no BN or PR hardcore. Just sharing what I think. How can a BN hardcore kutuk Khairy, Khir Toyo, Mahathir in his blog? (refer old articles, I'm sure u're new).

2. Did you read my article about BTN in Malaysian insider? If you are trying to find it Search "The truh about BTN - Mohd Azrul Abu Hassan. Thats my frank opinion about BTN.

3. Yes, my name is Azrul Abu Hassan. Why are you still hiding? You wanna meet up and talk like a man? I'm on it. Venue? Time? Private Message me.

4. I have proved this comment, I'm no Zaid Ibrahim. I'm no hypocrite. But I will not condone you swear God's name or my parents names. Thats what I meant by personal attacks. I'M A NOBODY!

5. I work in London. You want my card? Come meet me. I give you £30,000 if you can prove to me I'm working for BN.

6. About local election, its a logical explanation. And in case you are blind (not literally), I dissed the sort of councils who already kaw tim with BN. Oh you failed to see that? Surely you are PR hardcore.

7. What do you know about my friends? You are stalking me now? LOL. Talk with some senses. I am just laughing out loud with your comments. Never get angry with foolish personal attacks like this one.

8. Again, are you Fab? If not I have to apologise to him. Coz you fit him (chauvinist chinese who is a bigot holier than thou Christian, PR hardcore and most importantly, BLIND).

9.You can find me at my twitter site to set our discussion. facebook oso got! Come2. Lets talk! :)

10. By the way, it's clear you are too scared to reveal yourself. Campak batu sorok tangan. Oh you dunno what that means? Coz ur no Malaysian. That's BM in case you are wondering.

Jeg said...

btw u missing the point of this entry. it shows that we muslims, jews, sabi-ins are not so different after all...

but to answer to your question, I will do it by asking you this humble, honest, innocent question (coz I'm studying religions during my spare time)

why still reading the Old Testament when 'the arrival of Jesus overwrites everything preceding it'?

My name dont make my point said...

"10. By the way, it's clear you are too scared to reveal yourself. Campak batu sorok tangan. Oh you dunno what that means? Coz ur no Malaysian. That's BM in case you are wondering."

kawe kecek kelate lo ni...demo gheti dok? segho mung x gheti. nak wak guano, hino la kito ni, x gheti BM. =)

Jeg, maybe you are trying to be dumb when you'd purposely ignore what I've said. You seem to be ignorant when I've mentioned since we are kafirs, we do not want to question whats your view and whats not in what you want to believe in the Muslim faith. But when you go around saying "why still reading the Old Testament when 'the arrival of Jesus overwrites everything preceding it'?", its seems you have no intention to respect the boundary of what other's believe.

The truth is, discussion on religious issue can only be done when both side are ready to accept that there will be differences in view. But as a typical brainwashed Malay, you only want to see your points as the just, while others are rust.

Go on and be in denial. I dont know whos Fab, and it wont make any difference. Everyone around you knows the face you are wearing. It's just like a drunkard who'd never ever admit they are drunk, similarly a racist would never. Whats worst, you're a closet racist.

p/s: i voted PAS even when there was no PR yet around. I know you just want to share what you think. Everyone has their entitlement to it. But when most ppl of our age could see that there is always 2 side of an issue, yOu only choose to see "your side", hence yr blog "your side of the story" is exactly what i meant as being a closet racist. you didnt even bother to find out what why Malaysians of other races belittle ppl like yourself. (we have Malay friends too, and fortunately for us, most of them share our grieves instead of trampling blindly on it)

You will always see yourself as the victim, when clearly the largest tax paying group of ppl (non-malay)are the one funding your studies there. Not that we are complaining that we need to pay taxes, its our duty. But when you start being ignorant of our contributions, it becomes a situation of bitting the hands that feed. (since you liked dogs, you should know only dog infected with rabies do that)

p/s 2: go apologize to that Fab. the only FAb i know is FAB SABUN BUKU. you would even ignore that you are more unpopular than you thought. to think you'd limit the choice of ppl who'd disagree with you to only that 1 guy? sial. go laugh out loud...alone. other are grouping and you are the centre of joke. Greenday sang "Every joke can have its truth but now the joke's on you" rings true, even tho we all know you are no Mr. Nice, =).

p/s 3: knowing my name still wont make my points wrong, likewise, yours right. of course ppl are afraid of closet racist, ppl like you would bite when others least expects it. everyone's cautious and fake smile is a mere defence mechanism from rabid attacks.

finally, are you sure yr £30,000 is your own earning and not your scholarship allowances? coz most malaysians are not buruk siku, we wont take back what was already handed out.

My name dont make my point said...

On second thought, forget about being BN. you are more of PERKASA material. should I pass your info for them to process your membership? you'd make good there. =)

they fought for "Malay" & "Islam". that should be quite inline with your standings.

Jeg said...

Firstly, I dunno what's this smart-arse trying to prove. Is he proving that he's the best shrink in the world by telling who is racist or not? LOL.

In case you don't understand english, soalan saya mengenai kenapa Old Testament masih lagi dibaca adalah soalan yang ikhlas kerana saya benar2 ingin tahu, bukan kerana saya nak mempersoalkan agama sapa2.

Kalau tak boleh jawab, cakap saja. takyah berdalih. inilah masalah org yang perasan bijak pandai...

p/s: saya dulu sokong PAS tapi bila mereka tidak konsisten, baru2 ini, saya pun hilang kepercayaan.

sebab utama saya tidak sokong sapa2 adalah kerana saya tidak mahu taksub pada sapa2. jika tidak silap, kamu ni taksub pada org perseorangan dalam PAS. sebab tu kamu buta tak nampak yang benar dan batil... sebab TAKSUB!

Fab is jus an imaginary trying to weed out your real name. Apa nak buat? Takut sangat nak bercakap benar.

Saya Mohd Azrul bin Abu Hassan. Saya tidak rasis. LOL. (if there really such a word). Saya juga pejuang agama Islam sebab itulah yang dikehendakkan Allah, menjadi seorang khalifah di muka bumi.

dan apa kebenda tuduh2 org PERKASA dan BN ni. Abis kalo ko PAS, ko bagus? Do you still think the world revolves around you, that you are that good, Mr Wan? Can I call you Mr. Wan? or Encik Wan? Ke nak DAtuk Wan or Chef Wan? I can't think of any other proper Kelantanese name, maybe Nik? (See I'm still giving u a chance to reveal yourself).

Let ppl judge your comments lah. Thats why I simply approved you comments.

In case I need to explain to psycho hardcore like you, I am going to see Nizar's talk (you know Nizar) at Imperial College in a second. Additionally, I'm going with my Chinese friend Adrian Kam. You can look for him and ask who he's going with. Othyer readers ignore this paragraph coz only this guy needs to know a bit about me, instead of creating another Azrul in his own 'magical wonderland' mind.


My name dont make my point said...

1) In case you don't understand english, soalan saya mengenai kenapa Old Testament masih lagi dibaca adalah soalan yang ikhlas kerana saya benar2 ingin tahu, bukan kerana saya nak mempersoalkan agama sapa2.

2) So when people say "Dowan lah masuk Islam, cannot eat pork", that is NOT a fair statement to make. A fair statement should be (even if they want to be provocative): "Dowan lah masuk Islam, Christian or Judaism, cannot eat pork!"

This 2 sentence came from yr goodself. I do not know which is which. On 1 hand you say you are ikhlas to know, in other words, you dont really know, or maybe know alittle. But on the aforementioned situation, you already shoot thru your mouth by making the second sentence...right inside yr blog posting.

Ask yr Adrian friend to read our comments here and have him decide for himself. I take yr keikhlasan with a pinch of a salt at best.

you see, this is the REAL problem with para cerdik pandai malaysia. (you are in London ma, we are buatan malaysia je). You guys know alot, but still not enough to change the world. but you intended to, with your 3-legged understanding of others. and to make it worst, you end up shooting yr own foot each time, 1st with your "majority non-muslim agrees with the Allah ban" and then this.

there is so much more behind the scene facts that you have yet to find out, but already you are preaching "your side of the story". so whos the ignoramus here? non-muslim dont understand Islam, so we thought its best we stay away least making a sensitive and provocative remark. but you did the opposite, not once, but twice.

anyway, ape2 jer la bro. whatever that makes you happy. if you think our country will be better under the minds like yrs, then may we all live thru this together. altho i find it hard when make realise "respect towards others" in our malaysian context when to ppl like you, it means others should accept whatever you say and whoever doesnt go your way will have to go away.

there is nothing wrong with perkasa. only wrong in what they are fighting for. we dont want "malay","indian""chinese" or "lain-lain" friend, we want fellow malaysians. i dont have anything against Islamist...but racial nationalist is too scary to imagine in our multiracial context. if it isnt a White Supremacy agenda in an asian background then i do not know what else comes closer.

Jeg said...

still trying to accuse me of racism. and now accusing me of anti-Malaysia.

very shallow this guy.

and still, too scared to reveal his name. what a shame.

Go annoy someone else, it won't work for me eventhough the blog title claims 'an emo guy rambling'.

Good morning!

My name dont make my point said...

Very nice evasive manoeuvre. whats with your continuous obsession in finding out the name? its not going to make whatever i said wrong nor yours right. diversion ni...=)

Jeg said...

haha diversion apa kemenda? harus ke jawab melayan slander/fitnah picisan kau ni?

ha ha.

aku yg obses ke, kamu yg obses dgn aku ni? sorry mate, i dont go that way. ke kamu ni perempuan? sebab kami semua di sini tak tahu sapaka gerangan bayang2 ini? Lol.

Jeg said...

Diam plak si Abdul noni bin Mus ni.

Amcm, cool tak gua? Heheh