Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Know your rights

Yesterday I had a quarrel with a lady on the phone regarding a Paypal scam. Yes, yes I know you guys might think how lame I am that I could fall for the trap but in my defence, the scammer had 59 100% positive feedbacks and it didn't cross a novice user like me that eBay accounts might be hacked into.

The lady requested for a further 3-day investigation period instead of the informed-on-the-screen only 10 days were given to the seller to supply them with information to resolve the issue. I argued that Paypal didn't put the 3-day lag anywhere in the Terms and Conditions and it was so clear that Mohamad Hossain (a suspect terrorists-mother-funder *&%^&) had cheated more than 2 people after my case was opened.

15 minutes and £6 pounds later, the lady still insisted that she would look into the matter again, and I suspected PayPal has actually forgotten about the case and only revisited the matter after I gave a nasty call.

Guess what happened 2 minutes after I slammed the phone? (not literally - you simply ended the call with the touch of a button these days, if you're from Mars). The amount immediately appeared on my PayPal account balance as £442.00 instead of £0.00.

"Now you know who's the boss!" I muttered.

Well it's somehow reaffirming that customers are always right. We are like Kings and bosses when come to business deals. These people just want your money, and so, they must earn it. I remember each time I went out with me Ma for lunch or dinner in Kelana Jaya and each time if she's unhappy with her food, I will ask the waiter/waitress to taste the food/drink and ask him/her if they were any good.

In the end, it's either I ask for a refund or replace the drink (the lesser punishment always applies).

The week before, Ginnan Sushi offered me free soft-shell crab Maki and Sushi and Sashimi Set worth £18 pounds after they failed to deliver fresh sashimi in the previous order. They only did that because I demanded of my right as they stated in their advert the foods are all fresh, guaranteed in a straight-forward email.

People always forget about this kinda things. Don't call me aggressive just because I am exercising my rights. Some people are just too shy, if not too scared to ask even though they know they should get what is rightfully theirs.

However, I don't know if it works in Malaysia though. When dealing with repairs services, people seldom forget that a shoddy work by the repairman must always be complained with their service unpaid. It happened to be before when I sent my old bike for repairs in PJ when the rude Uncle nastily and hastily repaired my bike right in front of me and I simply paid him the money without no fuss.

Returning from home, I thought, what the hell? I paid RM20 for that shit service?

Atleast I have learnt from that mistake. Some people however, just don't get it. They send their cars for repairs at Ah Cheong's place, more than 10 times just to get the wiper done while the rest of the parts would came loose later.

Yes, Ah Cheong is a real guy who has a car service center next to BSN/711 in Kelana Jaya.

So KJ mates, avoid the place at all cost!

I dunno if it's a tragic blunder by some companies asking us to leave customer feedbacks. So make sure you do it sincerely, honestly and BLUNTLY (if you may).

It works for me.

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