Monday, December 21, 2009

Chelsea to win it

That was a very-very good result at Upton Park. I did not expect Chelsea to drop points at the weekend but with Arsenal (the team I support) drawing at Turf Moor (Burnley) at mid-week but winning at home against tricky Hull City, I can proudly say that the English Premier League is now the most exciting league in the world!

Of course, it's not that I have high-hopes for the Gunners. I am always skeptical these days with Arsenal since they have yet to claim a major trophy in 4 years. However, deep inside my heart, I know that Arsene is Mr. Arsenal. He's building a proper football club, concentrating on the development of the youth and who knows, in the years to come, these creme de la creme will be the most feared team in the world, winning back to back titles.

Saying that though, Mr. Wenger has a problem. He's too stubborn. When the media said this, he will quickly brush off their opinions just to prove that he's got his own stand. It is true that football is a physical game. Thats why you have a gym at your training ground. I know this since my younger days, failing to get into the school team simply because I was too small.

Maybe I should marry a Swedish girl so that my children won't suffer the same fate!

So, Arsenal really need lanky players on the field. Abou Diaby should play more regularly as long as he can put behind his niggling injuries. He could provide more aerial prowess and win the ball from the middle of the park. We also need a towering striker because it would be a waste to have Bakary Sagna supplying the crosses but with a Crouch-like bean-pole unavailable up front. I am not sure if Bendtner is ready for the job though.

As for our two center backs, Gallas and Vermaelen, well, they might be fast, but we still need to improve on defending setpieces because we do struggle with them a lot of times. I have no proposals on who we should sign to replace Gallas next season but I do hope tall players from other positions will come back and defend well for the shorties.

Note that I use 'we' because I feel like I am a part of Arsenal FC. It's a 'religious' thing if you ask the English.

As for this season, I really think is going to be tight. I do not think Chelsea will have a difficult January due to the African Nations Cup because, if you look at the fixtures, they will have some easy opponents. Manchester United meanwhile is having a torrid time solving their defensive crisis with the likes of Rio and Nemanja struggling to be fit. Aston Villa can mount a serious title challenge this season if they can get atleast a point from the Boxing Day game against the Gunners. Even Tottenham is not far behind.

Liverpool is already out of the race strictly speaking.

It is going to be an exciting season. With Arsenal giving hopes to the faithfuls, my verdict is that Chelsea will grab the title from holders Manchester United.

What? Of course I'm an avid Arsenal supporter, but I'm just being realistic and impartial here. We will finish second this season if we are lucky enough.

Man Utd and their City rivals will complete the Big Four.

West Ham, Hull and Portsmouth will be relegated.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Jeg Hui

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