Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pakistan-like Malaysia

I am getting very-very annoyed with the current political condition of Malaysia.

First one guy accuses another of killing a Mongolian woman and a political aide of a high-rank politician was called into investigation. Later, some people linked the case with the politician's wife and then himself in a conspiracy-like fashion.

Then another guy accuses that guy of sodomising him. Then it turned out he was charged with consensual homosex activity instead. Again, like a high-octane drama.

The accuser claimed that he was forced to have sex with an elderly-man (61 this Sunday) while he boasts a powerful physique, resembling top notch centerback as if he is John Terry Malaysia. The young man was not charged however, according to the Internal Minister he was the key witness.

Many Malaysians, believe both stories whole-heartedly while these theories could be on top 2 list of conspiracy theories ahead of World Trade Center was attacked by US government theory.

Then this daring Bar Council Malaysia took the recent general election results to have the balls to question the Social Contract and recently planning to question my religion Islam in a newly planned forum.

"Do you really want to test my patience? While I am not a man with power but I am very vengeful. Very-very vengeful."

A politician friend of mine grumbled about an advert showing 4 chinese girls showing their asses in a national newspaper and blamed the Advert Board. I argued maybe the Ad Board was just trying to suit the now liberalised minds of Malaysians.

I blame who for allowing all this shit to happen? Not Anwar, not Pak Lah, not Raja Petra, not Najib, not Saiful nor Uncle Pet.

I blame you!

Yes you Malaysians. Not all of you. But many of you. Not just a few but many.

You want a change. But you are not ready for a change.

You want freedom in press. Now you are complaining about a lousy far-from-porn advert.

You want equality. But you are so afraid of losing Malay power.

You dont like the oil price-hike. But you fail to see that the rebates are meant to target subsidies effectively towards poorer groups of people or the food being more important than oil.

Since when oil tastes nicer than food?

You want to abolish ISA. But you are afraid of terrorists. And more recently, you demanded those Bar Council no-gooders be sent into ISA.

You dislike corruptions and misuse of power. But you are so taksub or worship that one leader without question.

You want a stable Malaysia. But you vote for the Oppositions.

Then you complain about the way your state is being handled.

You want understanding among religions/races. But you promotes and encourages people like Bar Council to hold anti-Malays and anti-Islam forums plus one Christian group to use the word Allah and Malaysian Language in their newspaper Herald.

And you question contract social.

And Islam.

But never touches on Chinese or Tamil 0r Malay Schools.

Or Chauvinist activities. (Favouring own race. Not the poor.)

Or the citizenship of your ancestors. Malay-Javanese included.

Or your own religions.

Or your race's economic power against the rest of us.

You love watching Indonesian, Venezuelan dramas on TV. You even believe the dramas on blogs. You strictly fall in alove with conspiracy theories.

So why... tell me why are you complaining about our country's political instability?

Anwar? Najib? RPK? They are just using your stupidity of believing conspiracy theories. I know the truth is still out there. But do you have to believe in it right away?

So the power is actually yours. If you like your country like this, so be it!

So padan lah muka kau! Nak complain-complain apsal?

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