Saturday, July 12, 2008

PAS joining BN and Special Secretariat

Recently, there were rumours about PAS joining Barisan Nasional since PAS Presiden Datuk Haji Hadi Awang had admitted meeting some UMNO representatives to talk about the future of Malays and Muslims in Malaysia. Frankly, I can sense the voice of younger PAS members being the driving force behind their recent triumphs in Kelantan and Kedah. Particularly being led by Husam Musa.

There was also a report on a plan to set up a special secretariat to be led by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil. This so-called special movement was given the go-ahead by YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to formulate strategies, visions and development programmes for Muslim women and children.

I still remember Datuk Seri Shahrizat drew up a plan called "One Wife for One Husband" (or something like that) many years ago to my fury. However I knew where it was going as she was the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development and the plan was made as an objection towards poligamy (which is allowed in Islam as long as the husband being fair to all).

With her leading this special secretariat I am not convinced that she will adhere all Islamic values based on history and I doubt that any activities that this secretariat will run will get the approval from the ulama' (clerics) or the muftis. Since when an elected minister is more knowledgeable about Islam than the muftis to head this secretariat? Will any of these activities be backed by Quraan or hadiths?

I am not going to sound like I am the ulama' here but while I still have yet to see this special secretariat's plans for the future, I need to be convinced that every single activity adheres Islamic values and principles. I don't want the sorts of Sisters-in-Islam as this group goes against the concept of jihad where everything we do, we do it for Allah (Akon - Senegal). No, I am not talking about bombing civillians because jihad is not just about going to war. I am talking about SIS trying to secularise the nation where the Western judiciary prevails.

I am also not going to sound like Raja Petra who condemns every single thing BN is trying to do for his 'obsession' towards Datuk Seri Najib. I welcome any movement from respected groups and NGOs to make Malaysia a better place where religions will play an integral part in creating good citizens. Whatever that you are trying to do, just do not go overboard, Datuk Seri Shahrizat. You are a nice person I can see that when you were polite towards my mom in Victoria Station at one time. Whatever that you want to do, take Al-Quraan and Hadiths as your guidance.

I would also welcome the likes of PAS to join Barisan Nasional although this is only speculations or simply just a dream. Why? Because I trust them on protecting Islam in my country. Their basics are based on Quraan and Hadiths and I entrust them with my heart in Islamic issues. Don't worry my friends this is not one way of Islamisation if you are so afraid of that word (blame that stupid racist Dutch Minister who came out with Fitna' the movie). Let me convince you that the way I see it, there is nothing wrong with Islamisation as the rights of Non-Muslims will also be protected. It is just sad how some of the JAKIM officers big or small handled some cases that even made into the front page of local media.

For example the 'body-snatching' issue. I hate that word 'body-snatching'. Nobody snatched nobody's body! The Syariah Court has decided to bury the late Elangesaran and Moorthy the Islamic way because they were confirmed Muslims as they registered themselves with JAKIM to convert to Islam. It was unfortunate that they failed to let the families know. But come on, I thought you should love your husband/father/son as they are. I have my respect for Moorthy's brother as he accepted it and went to Moorthy's funeral. Actually, this shouldn't be an issue at all. The Syariah Court should have addressed the public and shown evidence that these people had converted to Islam.

And yes there is one Constitution stating that any Islamic matters should be handled by the Syariah Court. But why some lawyers (who are actually good lawyers) failed to understand the Federal Constitution?

I guess PAS people are good at this kind of things. Atleast they are brave enough to stand up for Islam and not so doing it for 'marketing' and in search for power only. It is not new that some of those so-called Muslim Malays in UMNO drank liquor and bang escorts inside or outside the country. (Sodomise?) Some even made their children eat and learn from dirty bribe money. With the presence of PAS people in BN maybe it can change that culture in UMNO so that the members will be more decent and have better moral values and ethics. So that people like Ustaz Perdaus should have never asked that 12 Million Ringgit lobby money from my father's friend for one single project.... (or kick that ballot boxes when he lost his seat in Parliment *chuckles*)

And yeah, the politics of Malaysia will be back to a stable condition. Not as volatile as this!

Ah, another one of Jeg's dream?


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. PAS joining BN? Haha, I'm pretty sure that non Malays will fear that very much.

main problem is Malays and Muslims are judged using Western values. Of course, the actions of extremists everywhere not very helpful too.

democracy, equality, human rights, freedom of speech, yawwwwnnnnn

Anonymous said...

PAS joining BN will be good for the Malays. Chinese and Indians should also flock back to MCA and MIC, or Gerakan.

Of course together reduce abuse of power and corruption.

I'm starting to dislike Pakatan Rakyat, because they are too Western. And wanting to be like Singapore too much. Dont want to wear songkok, because of human rights.

nonsense.. cant even observe simple dress code.

islamic burial = body snatching
umno, mca, mic = racist politic
NEP = apartheid, inequality
Tangkap khalwat = snooping
Against concert = shallow minded

so many things cleverly renamed and synonymised with bad things, with total disregard to historical background, and Islam being official religion.

Haha I'm finding myself siding with BN again. All because Johor DAP didnt want to wear songkok and wore suit instead. I will tolerate corruption, high petrol price, inflation, incompetent leaders more than having Malaysia westernized and lose our way.

Zaid Waqi - extremely Asian :)

Jeg said...

the thing is with Pakatan Rakyat, with an exception towards Penang and Kelantan, the states are in shambles.

For example land issues in Perak have not been settled yet to make way for future developments.

Kedah MPs had their own unnecessary overseas trip although they said before they won the state that BN ppl did that and it was a waste of money.

Selangor with the pig-farming issue Pakatan and BN are playing the blame game while Pakatan accused BN of approving the project but they can always terminate the project for the rakyat since they are leading the state now. And they have yet to keep things going while busy looking for mistakes being done in the past.

This is clearly an indication that they are lacking experience. If they do not deliver, I expect them not to win the next GE as they first claimed they would. They are busy discussing about the social contract (organised by BAR council as I was informed) and finding faults within the system while actually PKR have said many times they will not change Article 153 or any of the current federal constitution when they are in power.

Serious Shepherd said...

PAS joining BN? Will PAS be able to retain their position of MB at Kedah and Perak by joining BN? Will UMNO allow hudud law in Kelantan? Will BN give development money to at least Kelantan state govt? If not, then I'll say PAS is making the same stupid mistake again, like what happened to them back in the 70s.

Nilai2 murni (Malay unity, generousity etc) bukan untuk diambil kesempatan!