Friday, July 25, 2008

London Restaurant Reviews

Prince of Wales, Willesden Lane
The name might be a bit deceiving, but it is no doubt a new Malay restaurant in London. I had the chance to have it first hand for the first time with Reza and Azeem and I was craving for the Nasi Goreng Pattaya. It was full-filling. But the best part is ALL DUCK IS HALAL!! So we ordered the Crispy Duck Starter (but then became our dessert due to slow preparation). It was fantastic! We couldn't get to try it at CnR as it is not halal but the Crispy Duck was superb. From our observation we can say that this is an alternative to Bonda Cafe/Nahar featuring the old beau Nabila as one of the assistants. The price is cheap compared to other Malaysian restaurants. Recommended!

Lobster and crab at CnR, Bayswater
I was looking for a nice place to eat lobster as I was craving for it yesterday. I wanted to try Fishworks but the 25pounds price tag put me off. Me and Mariko had lunch at CnR and we ordered the lobster with garlic, shrimp and spices and the crab in chillies. The waiter told us it's too big of portion for skinny us but we insisted on it. And it paid off! The lobster was one of the best I've ever tasted that cost only 19pounds and it was big. We got a discount on the crab as they could only serve us a smaller crab and it was worth every penny. The gravy was fantastic and I only need one cup of Jasmine rice to have my stomach full the whole day, en route to watching Dark Knight in O2 Greenwich with Mariko, Arwin and Azeem. If you are looking for a lobster day out in London, CnR is the answer!

Fine dining at One O One, Park Hotel, Knightsbridge
We had our first fine dining thanks to Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay for promoting it in the series. I chose this restaurant because it serves the Norwegian King Crab from the Barents Sea, the most expensive meat per kilogram. Since it was fine dining, I was pessimistic that it could make us full. For 30pounds per person we had a 3-course meal with the king crab leg thermidore as starters. Surprisingly, we didn't feel hungry until dinner. In the 3-course meal they also serve rabbit meat but of course we couldn't take that although it was very tempting for me. The only downside was that the King Crabs were made into thermidores instead of just presenting them in shells so they didn't have to look like crabsticks. Want to know how does it taste? Find out at the restaurant as it's the only restaurant in London that serves it thanks to Chef Pascal Proyart. Atleast according to me.

Man, this entry makes me hungry. Maggi for the day with crabsticks!


Anonymous said...

good stuff...what's with the sudden eating out craze? love it man...should continue recommending...i'm tempted to go to the Malaysian restaurant - near your place kan? jauh laaaaaa huhuuh

Jeg said...

ya about 20mins naik bus.. shud go try they have clubbing next door haha! ok.. pub actually.

sbb u buat review makan yg buat i crave for something diff. got nice2 restaurants lemme know k?

Anonymous said...

of course i will...just check out the restaurant list - i'll edit as I go along