Thursday, July 26, 2007

Raja Petra grilled

Quote me of you like, I once taunted the Malaysia-today website's slogan "Your source of independent news" with strings of vibes on MSN as almost all of the articles are anti-government and provocative, causing disharmony in the country in that process.

How can one declares itself as independent and neutral when its nature is actually bias? (i.e. anti-government).

Before you (mostly negative thinkers) speculate, I am not one of those Government's cybertroopers backing up every single thing that has been said by the current rulers but I wish to re-iterate that I will make my own opinions based on facts that I have obtained and will try to be as neutral, as fair as possible. But as I said earlier, how can Malaysia-today be neutral and independent?

I'm quite confident that some articles are very constructive and thought-provoking but mostly the articles give a direct hit to certain people and resulting them seemed very interesting to read. Some might have valid grounds while others, are fuelled with political and hate agenda. Mythologies and fitnahs.

'Is Jeanne (Abdullah) a Malay?'

Look at that title of an article I saw on a few days after Pak Lah married a woman called Jeanne Abdullah. I am not sure the exact title but the moment I saw that, I couldn't stop thinking how people make controversial articles just to be famous. Petty issues! But common people are so interested to know. But for me, it's a bloody waste of time and not constructive. Of course, I wasn't interested to read the article. I exited the site and sighed "When will Malaysia-today change?" Later, the title of the article was adjusted into 'Is Jeanne a Malay? Yes, says UMNO Kepala Batas'.

Raja Petra is the webmaster of and his controversial articles are said to be derived from many sources, not of his own opinions only. Maybe he was used by certain people to direct their agendas but I believe he is a wise guy despite people calling him a 'psycho with good command of English'.

About the allegation being put to him, I think it was blown out of proportion. He did not insult the King and Islam if you read his article carefully. From what I know, he is from the Royal blood himself, is he not? But he does provoke some people in his articles and that might have pissed them to bits.

Of course he wouldn't know where the comments on his articles were originated from and it was not clear why he was asked about that matter. But he shouldn't accused those people are the so-called Government's cybertroopers because they could be anyone. So, pint-pointing on one group of people clearly shows he is BIAS.

He was again being interrogated about a comment from a poster 'Why fight, we are Malaysians, let us live peacefully and be happy'. Raja Petra was puzzled why he was asked about this 'positive' comment but he actually failed to recognise the real point the policeman was trying to make.

Just like all those negative people, he has failed to do this. He failed to convey his ideas in a peaceful manner. In a correct manner. Constructive, less controversial but still thought-provoking.

Which I call as the correct way of blogging.

So please Syeikh Kickdefella, Raja Petra, there are better ways to enlight the people. Clearly you guys just wanted to be famous being controversial.

Just like Eminem. Just like that pathetic Lindsay Lohan.


Jih Ying 致颖 said...

While I do agree RPK's articles are quite controversial at times, however, some of the things he wrote are quite reasonable and thought provocative. His approach may be too extreme, but it doesn't mean that some of the valid facts brought forward should be ignored.

There is nothing wrong to be against the government of the day based on their policies, track record, etc. In most countries, 'government' is just the party or parties that win the general election. It'll take some time for Malaysians to realise that government can be changed. Opposition could be the next government vice versa in a democratic country. Otherwise it'll just be like a Communist country like China. Anti government is not unpatriotic. If the government is not doing its job, rakyat has their right to question and demand for answers.

Our current government has not been transparent in many decisions, e.g. anti-corruption investigations, parliamentary proceedings and UMNO has been using racial and religous threats when facing problems. A lot of times these threats are actually hurting the feelings of other BN component parties whether they are sandiwara or not. A lot of suffering and discriminations of the rakyat are not reported by the mass media but you can read them sporadically in blogs of average Malaysians.

As a Malaysian, it saddens me to see that our country is always harping on racial and religious issues, putting citizenship and national identity in the backseat. When are we going to be less colour blind? The fault lies in how we shape our political structure - racial based political parties.

Many average Malaysians are frustrated that there are no credible opposition parties that they could rely on hence have to endure the existing government which often failed to argue the important issues with regards to the future of our nation. The comments and remarks made by our MPs are very disappointing and insensitive at times. And how did these the BN MPs obtain their wealth? Many of them lead very lavish lifestyles. Why some of their blatant wrongdoings went unpunished?

Our police force and judiciary are not independent. A lot of times they are arm twisted by the government to cover up or make illegal arrests without proper justifications. Based on some experience from relatives, friends and some sporadic reports in newspapers and blogs, the police has not taken some case seriously and in many instances there are prejudice and discrimination in their conduct.

Then there is this policy formulated with the intention of eradicating poverty. But why property discounts are given to certain group of Malaysians to purchase high end properties while many poor people from other group of Malaysians do not enjoy such benefit even to purchase low-cost properties? This is done in the name to eradicate poverty but is it fair or effective? The list goes on... Different entry requirements to public university, etc.

Over the years not much is changing and slowly many emerging economies have learnt to embrace fairer competition and are moving up the value chain faster than us while we are still fighting within ourselves.

The GE is coming soon and I'm still thinking where I should put my vote.

Jih Ying 致颖 said...

KJ claimed that Anwar is a puppet of America and the Jews...

Fitnah or truth? Along with many other allegations he has made against other opposition politicians.

A lot of times the average rakyat do not have the access to such information. This is no different to what RPK is posting on his website. I don't think he wants everyone to take everything he is posting as the truth, but rather to decide for themselves. For me I only believe in less than half of what is there. Most of the time I won't even have enough information to verify the portion which I believe is true.

The same can be said about how the current government is controlling the mainstream media. The 'truth' reported by the mainstream media is only what the government want the average rakyat to believe. A lot of times you can see clear discrepancies between the news reported in mainstream media and the alternative media such as Malaysiakini.

Jeg said...

I strongly believe that a powerful government is where the oppositions are powerful too.

So that the government wouldn't be complacent. Or corrupted seems everything goes on their side.

About bloggers, Raja Petra should address his opinions in a more appropriate manner. He shouldn't be so aggressive. That's the way it is. Which is sometimes called 'berhemah'. Not insults and accusations.

I dont like the idea where people write to cause troubles to themselves. They can avoid that. That way, aku respect abis lah where they can channel their ideas while not being aggressive.

About corruptions, it's not an overnight punya thing. Many 'orang-orang besar' are being brought to court nowadays so I am hoping more are to come! The reign before, it's hard to see.

Big fishes being brought to justice is a good thing to see. It shows improvement. Although one friend pointed out that the corruption index is rising but I believe it's simply because a lot of recent cases were reported.

But who comes out with the index anyway? I'm not willing to blindly believe that although being an actuarial student.

You don't have to be controversial to lay down your opinions. Been there done that and ppl didn't like it. Hurt some people too. It's an experiment that I wish not to do again!

Great people like Muhammad S.A.W, Siddartha Gautama Buddha, Jesus (Isa A.S), I don't remmeber them being controversial. But still they are great-great people who changed the way people think!