Friday, July 13, 2007


Readers' discretion advised.

Sorry I have to put away the one that I wrote earlier. However, I'm writing this new one to give you a basic idea of what my blog is all about.

I first wrote a blog on As you may aware, it was one of the most controversial though thought-provoking blog you have ever read. It was so malicious, emotional with a lot of personal attacks.

But the blog counter seemed very-very impressive.

As for now, 'My Side of Story' only manages about 40 viewers per day rate. Lacking controversies and hatred, this figure is somewhat predictable. The highest ever came only as 114.

You might find this blog having a less-hot barometer. Some entries were purposely wrote on the bright side of the story. The Singapore-issue entry for instance. Some might be ridiculed with the way I heaped praises on that country after my two-day experience there. But in my opinion, only the wise one would see the real point I was making.

I feel I had enough writing with anger and biased ideas, especially the negative norms. I think it doesn't work that way. Bakri Musa or Raja Petra or some that I saw on MalaysiaToday might be famous for their controversial writings, causing disharmony in the country. Although there is a need to be transparent, but petty issues and fitnahs must be avoided at all cost. For example, putting your blog entry title "Is Jeanne Abdullah a Muslim" or "Pok Nik menghalalkan carut-marut" may make a lot of people read, but I saw them as rubbish.

If you are looking for a controversial and fitnah blog, look away. Don't ever come here again. You will not find any in 'My Side of Story'. In fact, the title of the blog was derived simply as an act of counter-fitnah and trying to pose the other side of the story. So, for many cases of my articles, you will mainly find the other side of the coin. Singapore issue for example, as I heard many negative stories from my youth, I gave a general idea on what I saw from my trip and would like people to see the other side of Singapore.

That is only one example. But that applies to all. I will always try to get the other side of the story, preferably the positive side.

I never asked people to regard whatever I'm writing to be the sole information that you can ever get. In fact, some could be fictional. However, I always write carefully this time and not get too carried away and ending up generalising on certain issue. As a friend taught me about a concept, 'Sweeping statement', I always try to avoid that when writing and even when speaking.

I do NOT generalise. People who know me well know that fact. For that fact, I do NOT make sweeping statements.

I love to use words such as 'some', 'mostly', 'a few', 'plenty', 'many', 'much' and for that fact, I do NOT make sweeping statements.

The objective of the blog is to channel good and positive values and would hope people who read it will have a different perception. Not simply believing everything that you read on Malaysiakini, Utusan, Malaysiatoday or any other blogs. Not even mine. But I think I always remind people to do their own research and then make a good evaluation. And to be on the safe side, do not believe it at all.

And to transfer the wrong information, would be equally ridiculous.

When I am writing this blog, I always make sure I write it carefully, to avoid being backfired. The information obtained, is mostly from my friends and other sources and have you ever heard, many times, that I said "Ini (someone) bagi tau aku, kalo dia tipu, maka tertipulah aku".

It applies in my real life and in this 'cyber' life as well.

No one is indispensible. A second hand information is still doubtful to me.

Only Al-Quraan is first hand. Read it and you will find peace.

Finally, I thank you for your continuous support. I will keep writing. I know there will be obstacles and criticisms. I can take it with a chin as that would only improve my ideas.

p/s: Please leave your comment. More ideas needed. Say no to racism and hatred preaching.

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