Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If Haniz thought TMNet was lousy, try BT...

Here I am in a Internet Cafe again.. somewhere in Neasden Shopping Area, owned by a Muslim Arab who is right now praying few meters away.. why lah? Complications after complications.. would love to share with u guys right from the moment we stepped into the house.. but I'm not sure if it's the right time..

Signed up for Cass Football Assoc.. received an email from the Captain.. they are holding a meeting this evening.. malas nak pegi.. as long as aku dpt main selalu jadiklah.. but Im not saying that Im gonna be a football freak like back then in KMYS (where I devoted to football until my A-levels result crumbled), at least I wud be playing football more regularly.. I havent kicked a ball since my arrival in the UK..

Still got no internet at home.. the only thing that is missing (since we announced the arrival of Sky).. feeling very2 empty.. i'm applying to get some exemptions but even the affiliate application hasn't settled yet (due to the increase of membership fee without notice)..

The lads are coming down to London this weekend.. Eid Mubarak? Not too bad since I went to some open houses.. menempel la kerja.. tak kenal pon hosts tu.. kawan baru la.. so diorg hidangkan masakan Malaysia.. pergh cakap lu... hilang rinduku padamu Malaysia..

Met Lada, Dina.. Asa tak dapat dikesan.. some junior KYS Pentium, Taqina, Nikko.. HICOM Open Hse ramai gak org.. cuma kurg gadis2 cun.. wahahhaa!

Weekend ni Nazif ajak open house.. wahh sure bz this weekend.. monday ada test la plak.. inconsiderate Brits.. oh wait.. I'm a minority here! Lupa plak.. damn..!

K ar wei, tak best blog sini.. nanti ada tenet at home lg masyuk..

Hidup 4 Serangkai!

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