Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MF: Full of racist chauvinist Malaysians

Memang dasar Cina DAP betul nak tembak apa saja yang boleh when comes to Bumiputra-Muslims. Racist chauvinistic Chinese traits are being shown as much as ever since May 13 election.

Dah kalah tu kalah laaa... Stop blaming and attacking Islamic, Bumiputra values.

I did TITAS when I was in UiTM Malaysia. At first I thought it's a syllabus that siswazah boleh tidur je. Turned out, its one of the best subjects. Why? That was the first time my view about Jews change. Before that, as a typical Muslim raised in Malaysia, we were told the Jews are to be condemned. Kau tanyalah Melayu dekat Malaysia bila datang soal Yahudi, semua akan melenting. Ingat tak insiden Avram Grant kena boo dekat stadium? I was not one of them! Why? Because of TITAS!

The good ustaz told me about how the Jews of the modern world are the decendants of the good Jews who follow the religion of Moses which was originally also... Islam. The pharoahs and his supporters were killed by famine and the world at that time dah pun terkelangkup (surely racist chauvinist Chinese DAP tak paham this word).

Takda langsung soal nak kutuk agama lain ke, bangsa lain ke. So just because this racist chauvinistic Chinese DAP MP cakap macam ni, engkorang dah terus nak caya and nak cakap TITAS tu jahat.

Piiiraaah! Go to the class first then complain. I have my own experience to tell and because of TITAS I am now a changed man. My thoughts on the Jews, on the Iranians Shiahs, the Christians, the Buddhists the Hindus all change. I swear on my grandpa's grave that what I stated above is true. I dunno if you can find them on my blog because I remember writing about this experience before.

And by God, it was from the TITAS. I passed the subject by simply attending the classes. Also, I thought this subject is only compulsory for Muslims.

And what the heck is this about aborigines pulak? TITAS bunuh orang asli rights? Tak payah laa nak twist and turns and attacking Islam in this great Ramadhan (and you think you will get away with it. And you think brave Muslims will just shut up like some others in this forum yang kononnya tak racist ramai kawan bukan Melayu?). As far as I know, Orang Asli are Bumiputras and they should receive all the bumirights and special position as enshrined in the Constitution.

I wonder why there is no topic here about ALVIVI sexbloggers who were parading their small, ugly assets and think it's cool? Not to mention buat ucapan bukak puasa dengan babi wangi dan menyelerakan? Because they are Chinese? Gimme a break!

TITAS to make compulsory for all Muslim students in local and private varsities. Hell yeah. As far as I know, it's all good.

And those racist, chauvinist people regardless of race, veiled-attacking Islam should just look at themselves in the mirror and repent. Racism is so 90s!

This is 2013

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Jeg Hui3: 49 PM To: mf-kopitiam@googlegroups.comMemang dasar Cina DAP betul nak tembak apa saja yang boleh when comes to Bumiputra-Muslims. Racist chauvinistic Chinese traits are being shown as much as ever since May 13 election. Dah kalah tu kalah


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Hide detailsCharis Quay Huei Li ( to contacts3: 15 AM GroupsTo: mf-kopitiam@googlegroups.comDear all, There has not been much heated debate on this list in a while, so below my thoughts on the so-called 'Islamic Civilisation' class (TITAS) that may be soon imposed on our university students.

From: on behalf of Charis Quay Huei Li ( This sender is in your safe list.

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Dear all,

There has not been much heated debate on this list in a while, so below my thoughts on the so-called 'Islamic Civilisation' class (TITAS) that may be soon imposed on our university students.

My conclusion: it's MICO in disguise and is a smokescreen to get our attention away from other 'unIslamic' (and generally inhuman) goings-on, such as an amendment to the Aboriginal People's Act which may see the Orang Asli losing >80% of the land they claim. And of course, there is the TPPA and a few other things like that happening at the moment. Small wonder that the 'Allah issue' has been brought up again.

Will Malaysians fall into the trap? That is the question.

All counter-arguments, brickbats, hot coals etc. are welcome. But I may not respond till next week.

Best wishes,


1. Letter to my MP regarding compulsory Islamic Civ. in Malaysian universities

[With some slight modifications. I am from the parliamentary constituency of Beruas, represented by YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham.]

Dear YB Ngeh,

Regarding these articles, if the reporting is accurate, as a constituent of Beruas, I would like to register my disagreement with some of the views expressed --- especially: “How will this help those who are studying to become lawyers, doctors and engineers?” --- and to propose a different approach, which I hope will be more constructive.

It is never a loss when we learn about other civilisations. Indeed, when one studies different civilisations (or even the same civilisation but at different points in history) one can learn from their mistakes and also their achievements. But of course nothing must be imposed on the students.

What we are observing now in French universities is that the hyper-specialisation of doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. is leading to people who only know how to 'execute' --- who can build wonderful railways, nuclear centres and what not --- but who do not know why they are doing all these things and who do not have any larger vision for the world and their place in it. This is in part due to the semi-destruction and 'chopping up' of the Sorbonne (and other French universities) which started during the Revolution, continued under Napoleon and has only become worse since --- such that lawyers only study law, physicists only study physics etc. and there is no formation of the whole person. I believe this may be one of the root causes (or at least one of the correlate symptoms) of the European crisis (economic, but also moral, leadership, cultural and civilisational) that we are going through now.

At the moment I and others are fighting very hard to have the humanities (and social sciences) re-introduced at the Université Paris-Sud, which is basically half of the 'chopped up' Sorbonne's old science faculty. As part of this effort, I may be teaching a philosophy/history of ideas course in 2014-2015.

For Malaysia, I propose as a solution that diverse civilisational studies should be offered: Western European, Slavic, Indian, Japanese, American, African, Middle Eastern etc. but that none should be imposed. Malaysia and Malaysians are in a unique position to study and learn from many cultures as we are already a multicultural society and we have ties to many other countries around the world. This is a huge advantage that we have over other countries, e.g. France. We must let this advantage blossom rather than letting certain parties turn it into a disadvantage.

Another proposal is to develop the field of South East Asian civilisational studies. SEA 'entered into history' several centuries ago now and yet we do not seem to have our own identity. Instead, we are borrowing from from the West, the Middle East, the Far East and everywhere. It is time to develop our own identity especially in view of growing intra-ASEAN ties, including the ASEAN EC in 2015. This will also help build up Malaysian national identity instead of pulling us in different directions.

I would be happy to share further observations about the education system here (and in the US) if this will help your reflection.

Best wishes,

Charis Quay.

Lecturer, Physics Department, Université Paris-Sud // +33(0) //

2. Some initial comments in a discussion with some friends (of diverse religious backgrounds)

informal reports from local unis says that sometimes the 'lecturers' are zealots who turn the 'civilisation' course into a 'conversion' course. these should be checked. if true, i don't think this is doing islam any favours or improving its image. one suggestion i made is to have ALL students take a 'multicultural' class on a culture they are not familiar with. (another is in the letter above.) but before it can be implemented, all the zealots have to be weeded out, whether from the Islamic civilisation course, the Russian civ. course, the Western civ. course, the Indian civ. course or the Buddhist civ. course: our neighbours in Myanmar have shown that 'even' Buddhists can be extremists. is the western silence on the rohingya massacre due to the fact that the 'west' can't wrap their heads around this? (A petition:

This sort of 'multicultural' requirement was in place at my alma mater and i believe in many american unis. so it can be done...again, provided there are no zealots of any kind involved, whether buddhist, hindu, atheist, shia, catholic, lutheran, sunni, alevi, sufi, ibadi, s.i.b., anglican or other. there were some atheist zealots at my old uni, but i survived. ** i believe that each student learning about other cultures (even 'strange' ones for us like russian, japanese, african etc.) will help broaden people's minds and help us to get closer to '1malaysia' and maybe 'one global village'. but not imposing one course on everyone: that will only increase distrust and hatred.

the immediate problem for malaysia is that the trappings of islam (i do not say islam itself) have been used to serve certain political purposes: are not even at the level of discussing 'fundamentals' about different ways of seeing the world as it were, because we are stuck at another level of 'power plays'.

the challenge for whoever would lead malaysia is this: can they offer a way for malaysians to think difference as peace and unity instead of violence --- violence either in the form of Apollonian 'totality' or Dionysian chaos? (The former is very close to what we have at the moment.) i think malaysians are longing for a true vision of peace but so far nobody has stepped forward to offer this. also, this is a question that is facing many across the world at the moment. malaysians, and especially malaysian leaders, are in a unique position to provide an answer which will be a huge step forward for mankind --- or to fail miserably.

3. Further comments in the same discussion

[I was passed the link to the TITAS syllabus.]

Dear friends, I have had the opportunity to look a little more closely at the TITAS syllabus now and I have come to a rather distressing conclusion. So distressing that I'm getting this down in writing before I go to bed: TITAS is MICO in disguise.

To understand what I mean by MICO, see:

TITAS seems almost like a 'Malaysian studies' course, except it takes a particular view of Malaysia which I think is actually very harmful to Malaysia.

1. There is no discussion of Orang Asal. The subliminal message is Our dear Kadazan, Murut, Bajau, Lun Bawang, Jakun, Sakai etc. friends: you do not exist. Full stop. Or, 'you don't have any culture', which amounts to the same thing. To exist, you must now choose: do you want to be M, I or C? Pick your side in the 'great Malaysian civil war', but you cannot be yourselves.

2. The syllabus is designed to divide Malaysians into hard categories and to tell them that 'these "civilisations" will always be different and they will always be antagonistic and mutually exclusive. Particularly worrying are the parts about 'interactions with other cultures'. What will be said here? I would not be surprised if the discussion is framed in terms of conflict and 'irreconciliable differences'. I am also worried about the 'survival' chapters, whic might be what Kessler describes as 'trying to induce a siege mentality': All this is totally contrary to any effort to build up a Malaysian identity and Malaysian unity.

It is clear that there is no room in this syllabus for anyone who, like Farish Noor, dares to call himself a Javanese-Dutch-Indian-Arab. There is no room in this syllabus for any of these stories:

Imagine a Malaysia where people went around calling themsleves Hakka-Scots-Lun Bawang. Or Jakun-Irish-Sumatran. Or Kutien-Irish-Burmese. Or Keralan-Hokkien-Murut. Or Tamil-Temiar-Batak-Peranakan. Would it help Malaysian unity? Of course, by creating 'human bridges' across different cultures and identities. And the fact is that many Malaysians are very mixed. But true Malaysian unity would hurt certain interests. The interests of coalitions whose parties are divided accoring to the 'headings' of the TITAS syllabus chapters above.

In GE13, many Malaysians rejected race-based interests. The political parties then had two choices in order to remain relevant: 1. Change (e.g. disband or merge race-based parties), or 2. Try to make those Malaysians striving for unity 'racist as usual' again. It looks like certain parties have made their choice clear. This syllabus is clearly designed to firmly divide Malaysians into hermetic categories and to convey the idea that these 'hard categories' of people should never 'mix'. This is a truly sad day for Malaysia. The presentation of this course as 'Islamic civilisation' was a clever trick to distract attention from the real contents and also to provoke a reaction from Perkasa analogue groups from other religions. And it succeeded.

Not incidentally, as explained in my article above, this 'way of seeing Malaysia' is also used to quietly 'wipe out' the Orang Asal. Is it any coincidence that the Aboriginal People's Act is being amended at the same time that TITAS came out?

My friends, certain people are trying to distract us by making us hate each other while they quietly steal away the tanah pusaka of the Orang Asli. (East Malaysian natives may be next but for the moment there are too many of them in the cabinet.)

Let's not fall into this trap. I hope that no true Muslim will fall for this. Nor any true believer of any other religion. Nor atheists who believe in the dignity of the human person and the common good.

Let us expose TITAS for what it is (another attempt to divide and rule Malaysians) and move on to the real fight. Let us unite and fight for our weaker brethren whose land is being taken away from them.



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Anonymous said...

It'll help if you don't sound like a racist chauvinist yourself when you make your arguments. Just saying brah!

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of stumbling onto your blog - I read a few of your articles and conclude that you are a sex maniac weirdo!

You stated in one of your blogs that "Some of us (men) are born to be horny rabbits it's simply in our blood", as justification for you to practice polygamy and marry up to four wives.

I have always been aware that many Malay men are just like you in this respect, which is the reason why I avoided Malay men all my life. You are disgusting. F off.

Jeg Hui said...

Lol. atleast i have a pair that i am brave enough to post as who i really am. loser.

Anonymous said...

Really? You have a pair? Who would have guessed - in your pictures you look like a pockmarked pygmy goat suffering from cryptorchidism!

Loser? Not me! I left Malaysia a long time ago and made a success of my career here in the UK based on my capability and efforts, not race. You call yourself an investor because you invest in a couple of cheap properties - how pathetic and typical of Malay wannabe-types who think they have 'arrived' when they haven't even started! Malu lah!

Jeg Hui said...

Still under anonymous. Be brave and reveal yourself. I can be contacted on FB, email etc. You are calling people ugly but have you seen your real face lately? without the make up etc i mean. This is the real me. You are not real. What success? Earning a mid income job and it is only higher because of the exchange rate? Lol. Gimme a break. From whatever you write here. 1.You are always bullied when younger. 2. If you are a man, your balls are very small. 3.If you are a woman, nobody loves you. 4. You are a lonely person. heheh