Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adlin Binti Abdul Jalil

Actually she doesn't deserve to be in my blog but of course, since she's asking for it, here goes.

I am no shrink but by the words chosen by her in her writings, I conclude that.

1. She is mentally ill.
2. She is scarred for life of whatever trouble she faced before. Blaming it on Islam.
3. She is an attention seeker, in which she has won, only in a bad way.
4. She is not pretty and made it worse on herself by colouring her hair blonde. Since I have been wanting to become a beauty pageant judge, I would rate her as 10... out of 10 billion.
5. Good news that Interpol has co-operated to bring her to justice. But don't forget those Malay-liberals-civil society who demand freedom of speech (or lies).
6. I bet no normal man would do her and her smile is so sinister it could be used for anti-premature ejaculation.
7. Whatever it is, her fate is sealed. Another waste of life.


Anonymous said...


Any write ups on br?

Anonymous said...

Why do you judge a woman's looks so cruelly and disgustingly? Why are you so sexist? You must hate women very much. Hopefully this hate will heal and not destroy you and others around you.

Jeg Hui said...

Dear Anonymous,

You must be a fan of Adlin Abdul Jalil.

After what she did, she deserved it.

Others around me are mostly women. So, I guess it's wrong for you to hope they should be destroyed. That would make you a bloody hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

Azrul Abu Hassan,
1. You are a mental and spiritual retard.
2. You scar for life those who read your blog.
3. You don't deserve any attention. Why? Because you're stupid, fugly and disgusting.
4. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You are fugly.
5. God will dispense justice - not Interpol, you or your Malay sex-maniac compatriots.
6. You look like a premature ejaculator unable to satisfy a woman.
7. Whatever it is, your fate is sealed. Another waste of life. Actuarial analyst my arse.

Jeg Hui said...

yay! adlin saw my blog!

Anonymous said...

The comment wasn't from Adlin - I had never heard of her until I saw your blog article. It never ceases to amaze me how you jubah-types feel that you can be prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. Why don't you just let God judge her, or do you think you're God? How dare you call yourselves good Muslims when you barely understand Islam!

I wrote my comment after reading a few of your bloody awful articles and decided you needed a dose of reality and a sharp smack on your pockmarked fugly face.

btw your wife is an airhead and a religious nutcase. You deserve each other.

Jeg Hui said...

Lol so you know how God judges? Read the Quraan. The Almighty will tell you what's right and wrong. So I was just echoing.

I understand Islam fully thank you very much.

So I guess you also have the same troubles just like Adlin. No wonder! Both ugly and hate God! LOL