Sunday, August 21, 2011 (Week 2)

Sleepy head! I knew Gabby Agbonlahor was going to perform well. I dozed off only to put in Cahill (Everton) the following day! While the latter missed 2 glorious chances, Gabby scored one and assisted another. Tough, but also a weird week. I saw my team being inducted to the league 'x Budak-budak Ujung' only to realise the moderator kicking me out (for being too good their league, I presume) seconds later. Then, the results of QPR winning against the troubled Everton, Wolves snatching a precious victory today and not to forget, Liverpool's first win at the Emirates Stadium. As an Arsenal fan, I do want the Club to be successful. Arsene Wenger cut a frustrating figure and I started to feel sorry for him. Hope he will get a great centerback to partner the world class Verminator. Mouth watering game coming up tomorrow (Monday)

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AzizKarimBenjamim said...

i like premier league and its the best league in the world