Monday, April 12, 2010

Absolute equality, absolute democracy?

I simply laughed at the hypocritical idea of having seperate coaches for men and women for KTMB trains. It is an insult to the species called 'men' implying as if we are all super randy bunch of people. Having said that, if the 'women' have now conceded that we 'men' are ALL gatal people, why can't they accept the practice of polygamy by we gatal men wholeheartedly?

The person who came out with the idea also clearly stated that it is a way to promote 'gender EQUALITY'. For me, this phrase is loosely used and somewhat misleading. There can never be such absolute equality between men and women. We are indeed different afterall. If absolute equality is what these women asked for, there should not be the practice of 'ladies first' anymore. Then, the women should be talked to like how I talk to my guy friends, making vulgar jokes at the same time. There shouldn't be such thing as a direct retaliation by buliding girls schools. London 2012 100-meter Olympics sprint, body-building, weight-lifting should then be made unisex, etc.

Men should then have an equal opportunity to be bikini models.


For me, the men will have their fair share of opportunities and rights based on their needs and capabilities. Same goes to the women. Not many, if not none of the women would like to be 'firewomen' or 'lumberjanes'.

There can also never be absolute equal opportunities between the rich and the poor. This is common sense. In fact, the rich should be taxed more in order to help the poor. Having said that, the poor should be groomed to be the rich not just simply giving them the goodies to be enjoyed for a short term only.

"Teach the poor how to catch fish, not just give them fish."

So what about democracy? Should there be an absolute demoracy in every parts of the world as propogated by the Americans?

I remember Big Mike from last week's American Idol. After about 35 million votes and he was the bottom of the pile, despite giving his 'best performance ever so far' the day before. If it wasn't for the more dictatorhip-style of the judges giving Big Mike another chance, American Idol, a singing competition, will be on par with Akademi Fantasia Season 3 where the guy with a mediocre voice won.

This is the flaw of democracy. You simply cannot do democracy all the time. If democracy is the only way, why didn't the Prophets Moses and Muhammad follow the voice of the majority during that time?

However you choose the leaders, the most important part is to know how just the leaders are to the people.

But remember, this is about nation governing, not your petty popularity contest!

Jeg Hui


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind if I cite some of your post in my blog. It's very rare to find a blog like yours. Keep up the good work!

Jeg said...

be my guest. whats your blog address?

pedutorres said...

bro, my new blog.Less serious hahah

Zaid said...

IMHO the move to have separate coaches is justified, not by the desperate need for gender equality (as you brilliantly argued), but by observing the commandments of our religion.

it looks a pragmatic idea. let's give it a try first shall we?

(but fighting for gender equality through public segregation is not in the least ironic!)

Jeg Hui said...

the response from the public(based on mkini videoblogs) is good actually.

if the people have no qualms about it so be it. it's not mandatory right?