Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Local Council Election (a ReTweet)

1. Local council election, yes or no? Indifferent. We living in the UK agree the local council (elected) here is just like Msia gov servants Local government election in penang is a political way to get rid of Gerakanised, BN kaw-timmed councillors and planting their own... The newly elected councillors, obviously will be easier to deal with for the new state gov. Throughout time, they also kaw tim. Juz like BN So it's no surprise other PR led states will follow suit, like Selangor. BN led states will reject local gov election to keep their 'frens' This is simple logic. However the hardcores frm both PR n BN will not see this. They're blinded by the team they support, this is normal too

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