Friday, January 08, 2010

Peace be upon all of you

I think everyone should know by now that Islam is a religion of peace, and Al-Qaeda and other terrorism acts around the world is unislamic.

Islam teaches us not to solve issues through violence and also Islam teaches us to respect other people's religion.

When Muslims greet each other, we say "Peace be upon you". However, the term is also not exclusive for the Muslims.

Oh please don't go fight for the use of 'Assalaamualaikum' pulak! I am pretty sure everyone can use the greet as it promotes peace, as demanded by Islam.

I am furious with the way some people react to the issue of 'Allah' being used by Herald's BM version. I am NOT a fan of street demos, but yesterday, 10 demos were conducted peacefully at several mosques and I say kudos to them.

For a moment, today I feel a bit ashamed to call myself Malaysian as I thought the news I saw were from our neighbouring country. Churches were torched and I thought I will never see that happening in Malaysia in my life.

I am calling everyone to be calm. I do hope my humble advise is heard by the people eventhough I am just a nobody.

It is a sad day for Malaysia and thank God noone was hurt or killed.

To the politicians, please stop politicising by blaming each other. For the sake of the people, put aside your craze for popularity and power and do the right thing.

To Herald, I hope you can see now the effect of disregarding the sensitivity of millions of Muslims in Malaysia. You must remember that the Muslims in the peninsular and the East Malaysia understand differently regarding the concept of 'Allah', and do you ask yourself, is there really a need to use the term when people in the Peninsular are not READY?

To all Muslim brothers and sisters, always refer to the holy Quraan and Hadith, and you will know you should always stay calm.

To all Non-Muslim brothers and sisters, there is a need for us to understand each other and build bridges, not quarelling and bickering over sensitive issues. It is evidently clear that the gap is still very, very huge and it will take time for us to actually realise perfect mutual understanding.

Let this be a lesson for all of us. Everyone is at fault. I am not here to say 'I told you so' but when politics, insensitivity, anger and chauvinism are put aside, we will always do the right thing.

We SHOULD always do the right thing.


Concerned Malaysian,

Jeg Hui

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