Thursday, September 03, 2009

Perak again: My post on Malaysiakini

PKR calling the kettle black

Jeg Hui Sep 3, 09 4:07pm

I was left dumbfounded by the way the Pakatan reps have been acting since the Perak takeover.

Did not Anwar Ibrahim glorify the act of 'frogs' jumping ship by boastfully parading the trojan horse MP Nasarudin?

Later, he claimed that he had the numbers to take over the federal government in September 2008.

Move on! If you really want someone to blame, blame your national leader.If he hadn't encourage the toppling of the government in the most immoral (but legal) method, then all this brouhaha would then be justified.

Anwar made a serious blunder.

As Pakatan loyalists, the Perak reps must move on as quickly as possible and take good care of the people who elected them.That's the reason why they were elected in the first place.

I believe people have had enough of all this political turmoil happening around the country. It is time to act wisely. Not emotionally.

By the way, I personally think that crossovers/defections shouldn't be allowed in a healthy democracy.The people chose you, and it might be based mostly on the party.

Defection would mean deception to the people. And for this, it's immoral.

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