Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of season review

::::::::SPOILER AHEAD::::::::::

The English Premier League 2008/09

I wanted Liverpool to win the championship. I know, coming from a Gooner I shouldn't be rooting for the Scousers. It was simply because of how I hate Man Utd winning the league season after season. Sadly, the Merseysiders blew their chance of any silverware (again, same goes to Arsenal) after drawing with so many lowly clubs.

On a higher note, United failed to get their so called "Quintuple Champions" status, ended up with as "shit Treble winners" after winning the league and collecting the uncompetitive World Club Cup and the League Cup (where Arsenal only fielded their reserve team). Before you say anything, as you can see from my season preview I never said Arsenal is going to win something this season... but "Quintuple" sounds a bit more like Mel Gibson and his octoplets-fatherhood brag while losing half of his fortune dumping his wife in the process after claiming his new girlfriend is expecting his 8th child.

Come on Mel. If Gene Simmons doesn't use the condoms, he could have fathered the many children of 100+ women he slept with.

And now Man Utd had to settle for the cheap treble. In my books, they can be respected for retaining the title for the 3rd time but you can now see their achievement has declined from last season. New champions next season? Well, hopefully. Maybe some new contenders as well from the likes of Manchester City, Everton and even Portsmouth which is currently linked with a takeover bid from Sulaiman Al Fahim.

Sulaiman must have been a keen admirer of British football. The TV revenues is something he can pounce on with his deep pocket investment. Maybe its the crescent on Pompey's badge that he could seek luck from.
Oops I forgot to mention I feel sorry for Newcastle Utd fans out there.. especially Nik and Haniz. Just hope and pray that The Looney Toons won't do a Leeds.

Amazing Race Season 14

What a finale! I was rooting for Margie and Luke since the start but Tammy and Victor became stronger and stronger after their fall out earlier in the episodes to win the 1 Million dollars. The team had an advantage of being able to speak Mandarin for the final rounds in China before jetting to Hawaii. Keisha and Jen made a boob by stopping at the WC at the wrong time and blew their chance to be in the final three where Jaime (woohoo) and Cara pipped them to the final round. Margie and Luke (who could have been the first deaf contestant to win The Amazing Race) were leading in the final round but Luke was nervous with the final two surfboards indicating the task for each last two rounds but he completely forgotten about it. How can he forgot what happened the day before that really puzzles me until now. Well the best team won.

Hell's Kitchen USA Season 5

Danny is a cocky bastard. But he is indeed a great chef. I thought Paula was going to win it but as I saw the door handles (with Danny's slightly leveled than Paula's) I knew Dan's going to win it. It was simply unfortunate as it was so clear that Danny's restaurant was soo ugly with the fake fishes hanging on the walls compared to Paula's glam decor. I guess it's true it's all about the quality of the food. William's Kedai Haram Tepi Jalan and Sri Murni proved that as well. Come on, even the smell of the drain and higher prices can't deter the customers flocking for William's carbonara pasta and nasik goreng ketam.

British Got Talent

I had no favourites. I enjoy watching the auditions as usual but when I saw the final, I predicted the top 3 would be Diversity, Susan Boyle and Julian Smith. Well it was an accurate prediction but it was quite like a give away judging at the final performances of the contestants. Aidan didn't perform as good as the night before though he was one of the favourites. Susan gave her all but the recent media sort of like portraying her having a bad start riding with Big Boys. Shaheen was alright but it was probably because he didn't improve that much through time that saw him lose out even in the top 3.

Prison Break Finale

Very moving. I've been watching the series since it began and watching your hero die to save his beloved ones made you ponder about the real purpose of life.

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