Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sheih Kickdefella Arrested

Many have known I am not a big fan of pioneering blogger Kickdefella in my many of my previous entries.

His motion to raise the Malaysian flag upside down during 51st Merdeka was somewhat over the top and I thought he is a Muslim he should not gone overboard as Allah dislike people who are "melampaui batas" and Allah has said it many times in the Quraan. (Semangat Nuzul Al-Quraan 17th Ramadhan)

It is true that the ruling party needs to buck up and kick out corruption, misuse of power, cronyism among others as demanded by the rakyat. What was his purpose to poke fun at our Malaysian flag? Even if the Pakatan coalition was to assume Federal Authority (16 Sept? 17? 18? 25? zzz), I do not think they should change the flag, right?

If you are questioning Islam or the Social contract or the existence of Hindu temples for example, will obviously create racial tensions.

And what did the flag do you wrong for you to play with it? Remember Negarakuku? That's another case where the nation's image was brought to total humiliation where it should be protected and cherished, being so-called proud Malaysians.

As I said many times before, the system is good but only the leaders are misusing it for their greed. For some people, ISA is a draconian system which need to be abolished.

But for me, ISA is important to curb terrorism or extremism or sect movements and the question of politics should never arise. If a BN member was caught creating racial tensions or pose a threat to national security, he also must be detained under ISA. Ahmad Ismail for example.

I feel that the authority needs to be fair when practising ISA.

Then only the people will not question ISA anymore.

Do not condemn the system. Just condemn the leaders when they do wrong.

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