Thursday, December 06, 2007

Notti Games 2007

I reached Notts around 12.50p.m on a Friday and took the Rainbow 5 bus as suggested by Aizad. Later I met Sab unexpectedly and she showed me the way to Kamal-Seow-Aizad's house. I had to wait for Sab to say Hi first because I wasn't sure if it was Sab. I wasn't feeling well and my head's all drowsy and I guess had to be sure.

It's been a year since I last visited Notts and it was great to meet Aizad, Kamal and Seow again. Menumpang Sabtu hehe. We went for Jumaat prayers and bought someone a cake before lepakking in Dunkirk again. Later I made one last ditch effort to recover by purchasing some drugs from the pharmacy. (Oooo.. drugs)

That night Seow and Aizad prepared us (Arwin arrived at about 4pm) dinner. After a few rounds of ProEvo and Guitar Hero, I later found out that they actually made us sushi!!! I was about to cry when I saw the sushi, california roll, pratha and beef/chicken stew, one by one being served in the living room.

Kinda reminded me of Ahong and Lin who were the first to serve me sushi. Missing them :(.

Ittara kimasss.....!!

That was an excellent stuff. Really, Seow Hoong can open a restaurant! I ate a lot despite being sick and loss of appetite. Who needs appetton when you have Seow Hoong? You guys should move to London hehe. Later, I had to sleep early. Hoped for a bright shiny morning.

However, though expected, I was not be able to recover before the games.

"Hello this is your Captain speaking, all players please be ready for the game. Not much. Treat it like main petang-petang. Avoid being emotional on and off the pitch. Just have fun and ignore those whiners who thought we played rough. We want to win in style. Roger and out."

Oh look at that wind effect!

This is football, my friend. You can swap for chess if you don't want to get injured. Sore losers. 4-0 drubbing was so hard to take, Pompey boi? Oh didn't I tell you your goal-keeper was the only cool one from your team? (no, it's not simply because he is tall and handsome do I look like I'm turning G?)

Haha so defensive!

And what's up with that Bad-ass-rul guy from Liverpool? Just a pat on his back reminding not to make that cynical challenge again and you gave a slap in return?

What you want a cat fight now? And this small, sickly guy had to intervene?

Grow up.

After a few runs on the pitch, missing a few chances in the process although assisting one, the Kapitan subbed himself and didn't start since. The mercenaries (jedie, Rafie and Aiman) played a major role with each of them scoring twice each in the tournament. We won two games, lost one and squanderred the final game with a draw.

Ta Top Dawg Arwin, Smurfy Dogg Jeg and Limp Biz-kit

Noone realised how important that game was! But it's ok. We had fun. We played well as a team despite not everyone being fully fit. Met some old friends Mazlina and her husband. It's such a small world that they went to BTN Balik Pulau together with Arwin and Apeq. That's how they got to know each other and Arwin was startled Mazlina was my high-schoolmate last time, together with Nik Harris.

"Since when korang main bola ni?" Mazlina asked.

"Since we got taller.. dulu kat KYS takda chance langsung despite playing everyday and turning up to training. We were small.." I said in which Nik echoed.

The girls from the netball team played O.K. They got one thing better than the CASSanova Football Team. They lost more than us hehe. Just kidding girls. You know I love you all... Muah2! Ain was their top scorer (expected) and they were whipped 20-0 against Champions Notts. Our GS notched in one super score as she insisted that she wasn't even aiming. :)

We went to have our lunch in Portland Builiding before heading back to Power League to witness the semi-final. Birm vs Arabs (can't remember which team they are representing). It was a good game with many goals towards the end of the final whistle, to the Birm side. Later we headed back to Sport Center to see the final. We went inside the building first to see the basketball game and later paved our way to see the eagerly awaited finale between Birmingham and Soton! Jeng jeng jeng! Tet-tenett-tenneett!! Boom-boom-chakalaka!! Ooo-oo aaah-ahh!! Hooray!!


The game was delayed for almost an hour! I was cursing like a mad man because this would distrupt my plan for tonight, I thought. The players were all ready, taking pics and all. But where the fart were the officials??? I threw away one glove only for it to be cheekily picked up and thrown back by the celebrated one!

Hehe. He didn't know I was being emotional for him...

Later we saw one lady with her green handbag, just arrived from God knows where to check on the venue and 10 minutes later, it was the kick-off. Finally. It was damn freezing and some good displays by the boys helped ease my tension and emo.

In the end, the Underdogs Soton won with the golden gold rule! Birm top striker was cocky and even demonstrated an annoying goal celebration in the semi-final, asking the opposing keeper to wear spectacles. Ironically, they subbed him and they lost the match!

I bet the shamed striker would say "Haaa.. sub aku lagi..!" hehehe.

We rushed to Kamal's house and I met Dina Sr and Hanafedora on my way. Didnt get to talk much because I lost my voice. Gotta save it for the singing...

That night, was a pre-planned surprise for Arwin, the birthday boy on the very same day! I don't buy many cakes for friends' birthday but I hoped that would cheer him up a bit. He was complaining about his performances on the pitch and all. And, am I not a sweet guy?


Ah well, just to let you guys know that I love all of you. You've taken good care of me when I was sick. Now that I'm missing the flu simply because of you guys' good gesture. Hehe, so being sick is not that bad I guess! Not to forget I got a first class bed (Kamal's bed) while having to listen to Kamal's Live version of Manja. Lena aja aku tidur dilayan seperti Raja.

The day after, I went back to London. You know, fish, chips, cup of tea, bad food, worst weather, Mary Farking Poppins, London! I later met Ihab, Aien, Lan, Shu and Batrisya (in her mom's tummy) at Leicester Square to have some sushi. I didn't take any sushi that night. I wanted to. But my heart said no. It was a great night out dinner. We were talking, eating, pangkah-ing each other and I hope it's good for the baby Batrisya hehe.

That's how Uncle Jeg got closed with Dada. :)

Seven hungry lot at Hi Sushi. Keep counting.

We got back to Willesden Green and I couldn't stand it any longer. After a few medic checks using Ihab's stetoscope by Lan, I had to pass on Pro Evo with Lan and I felt terrible for it, bro. I hope we could rematch one day you know it would be unfair if you beat me when I was sick, right Arwin? Oh wait, Arwin lost a match to me although me bing sick heheheh!

Anyway, it was indeed a Notti Games. Somebody was notti that day and it was not me.

It was the flu.

Going... going...



Nurshuhada Zainon said...

Batrisyia, bukan batrisya :p hihi. Neway, my mom kata, she thought muka awak masa gogok sup tu, mcm lan hihi.

relucent said...

oh dah ade nama dah ke? bat!