Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enjoying football in London

Recently I've been quite busy playing rather than studying and it sorta like reminding me of the old days in KMYS which can be a good or a bad thing. I remember leading the Sapphire team improvise our position in football while enjoying it at the same time and I was told of how the Blue Team Sapphire conquered all after we left.

I have to admit I am always looking forward to play football rather than going to school. This is obviously a bad thing. However, you know how I can't resist football it's like a second wife to me. With Arsenal playing well at the moment, I'm sure it will further fuel up the desire to improve my game week in and week out.

"Macam star je Jeghui"

I think I remember a close friend telling me of that quote and I still do not know who said that.

As if he was that powerful.

I never take football so damn seriously to be honest and this might be a contradicting statement with what I said earlier. But generally it is an understatement really. First off I never lose my marbles on the pitch despite provocations from the opponents and I tend to laugh off whenever it happens. I have to keep reminding my fellow teammates not to lose control of their emotions in the coming tournaments especially in Notts Games where it could turn very ugly.

Come on! This is not World Cup. It's a shame when I heard how fightings occurred in major Msian events over some bad calls by the referee. I bet everyone has got the minerals to flex some muscles but come on. This is not World Cup!

Kalo Zidane headbutt takpa gak, dia memang superstar!

I will try to bring the same method I used before when leading the team this time. I think we have such a wonderful character in the team where everyone is trying to improve their game each time in our weekly football (sometimes twice a week). We admit our mistakes and try to bring our game to the next level every next game, which is very-very important. Although we lost the vocal and reliable former NS player Ismas, I think the morale in the squad is superb.

I will try to give each player minutes to play as I did last time. Like I said, I prefer enjoying playing football and getting the results we wanted rather than keeping players unhappy and provoke disharmony with that sort of leadership. As for now, everyone will play.

Come on this is not World Cup!

Of course we are all prepared for some emotional moments that might occur on the pitch and the only way to win that feud is to keep your heads down and get on with it. No point arguing with emo people you see. I will start laughing if someone from the opposite side started shouting and abusing verbally. Meanwhile, I will talk to the refferee each time there was a bad tackle or a poor decision and hopefully he got the minerals to take control of the game. That's what referees for; control the game.

However, I will be very disappointed if it came from our side which I think will have a probability of 1 to a miliion. In fact I will be responsible for it but I have faith in my team's attitude.

On the other hand, the undergrads are playing well too and their first years really, really put good depth in their squad. It's worth mentioning of Hsien Loong's talent and leadership on and off the pitch. We have been playing quite regularly against each other recently and I have to say it's been a pleasure.

For the Notts Games, we already registered two teams for City University. Last year, I missed out on the Games through squad unavailability (apparently my KMYS friends tend to avoid Notts Games since the 2005 incident) but I really think we look better this year. But then again I am more particular about the teams' character rather than winning the trophy. I also find myself on an unfamiliar but effective role in central midfield but this is 5-aside football. Running up and down the middle dictating play is somewhat crucial.

"Kalau menang, menanglah"

At the moment it's not really about Notts Games or Cardiff Games. It's about playing regularly so that we feel good to .... study..... err.. hopefully that's true in all cases!

Probable line-up (from); Mushana (GK/DF), Saiful Azril (DR/SW), Nik Harris (DL/WB/FW), Nurman (DL), Mohd Azrul (MC/SC), Afif Ter (SC), Arwin Idham (FRL)


Waq said...

"I remember leading the Sapphire team " ??

Macam star je Jeghui..

Jeg said...

Haha betulla.. bukan senang nak dapat peluang lead football team time kt KMYS.. hehe..

"Football, football!!" said Jeg after Waq gave him a strong challenge in a main petang2.