Friday, September 07, 2007

Make it Markov!

A lot of things are happening lately.

We are moving out to Maybury Gardens (Willesden) from Neasden (Only one station away but the 'Zone 2' label makes a lot of differences). I have to say it's such a wonderful crib I don't mind paying for the small room. Well actually not that really small lah. Kudos Smq and Sam.

I'm on the verge of leaving PNB after being rejected of another year of deferment (I will appeal through a respected figure!). The lads are great but they themselves urge me to seek other avenues.

Arsenal proving me wrong with their recent performances.

Changing the way I'm thinking about Malaysia and its consititution.

Leaving behind family and friends after a 2-month 'break'. Went to Genting, Port Dickson, Sunway Lagoon and even BTN Ulu Sepri resulting the 'rindu padamu' effect. Earliest I will be back to homecountry in August or September 2008.

Being granted a convertible loan as for the first time ever being sponsored overseas.

Happy to hear about the new budget. Effective September 2007, the Government will increase the Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) for students in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada by up to 97%, almost double the current rate. (Budget 2008. However I'm not sure if my case included.)

Pursuing MSc Actuarial Management after a year course of MSc Actuarial Science (I now only need to hand in the Project after passing all the papers but still writing it up is quite a trouble)

Didnt get to resit for exemption purposes for subject CT8 but still raring to do it externally via the Institute. Sacrificed 'holidays' in Malaysia, ended up signing up agreements and do other important stuffs.

Transitting from Pro Evo 5 to Pro Evo 6 (wanna fight come arr!). Beaten Top Player Mode but Kudin suggested I fight with real people.

Vow to work my ass off to obtain as many exemptions for ST and CA subjects and land a job in the UK to pay back 'someone'. I have to wait for the letter of demand after 31st October to know the exact figure.

"Ya Allah, berikanlah hambamu ini kekuatan dan keredhaan hidup di dunia dan akhirat."



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